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Who is the Tiny Giant In Haikyū!!?

The Little Giant in the Haikyū Series’ real name is Tenma Udai. He quit playing volleyball after high school and is now a mangaka (LOL! I know!) in the Haikyū!! universe.

Because of his diminutive stature, he was not invited to play on other teams, therefore he chose the mangaka route. Isn’t it ironic?

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And because he was frequently disheartened (perhaps as a result of several rejections), his demotivation deepened till he eventually gave up athletics.

By the conclusion of the series, he has been dismissed from his horror manga and has begun “Mateo Attack” (a volleyball sports series in the Haiky!! verse), which reflects mangaka Furudate-real-life sensei’s experiences, since his previous horror mangas had also failed.

I understand your dissatisfaction and despair. Shy’s idol isn’t opulent in the least. If this occurred to me, I’d be sobbing and upset at the same time.

How could Furudate-sensei treat Shy and us like this? He created a captivating Small Giant persona in our thoughts and in Shy’s imagination, just to expose how ordinary this man is afterwards.

That’s not all: in the Haiky!! verse, the Little Giant is simply a regular guy. Mangakas, as far as I’m aware, are extraordinary people. They have arduous deadlines to meet, yet they may only sleep a few hours less than the normal individual.

But keep in mind that the Tiny Giant was inserted into the plot to represent Haruichi Furudate, the real-life mangaka behind this fantastic sports series!

Who is Shy Hinata representing, because the fictitious Small Giant is the genuine representation of Furudate-sensei? We’re the only ones who are interested in Furudate-engaging sensei’s narrative!

Many admirers, including Shy, were dissatisfied with the Tiny Giant’s face reveal and appropriate introduction. Shy’s comments aren’t far from the truth, whether fans like it or not.

He met his idol and had the opportunity to ask him a few questions before moving on with his life and concentrating on his game. It’s as simple as that. That’s us, the fans, moving on from what appears to be a fantasy nightmare.

Did Shōyō Beat The Little Giant In Volleyball?

He didn’t, no. Shy hasn’t been able to play volleyball with his idol since the Small Giant retired a long time ago. However, if feasible, I’d want to see Furudate-sensei create a one-shot manga of this alternate scene in the future.

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There would have been an awesome battle between Shy and Tenma Udai if the Small Giant had pursued volleyball!

If we take things a step further, the Small Giant may have been Shy’s competitor and “final boss” before he was proclaimed Little Giant! Isn’t that a more passionate approach to this sports series?

Not only would Shy be deserving of the title, but so would Haiky!! Fans would be rewarded as well. Their seven-year wait would be rewarded when they saw Shy earn and win the coveted Little Giant title!

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Did Shōyō Become The Next “Little Giant”?

He didn’t, no. The nickname “Little Giant” is cherished because it conjures up images of Shy (and us, Haiky!! fans) as a diminutive volleyball player at the pinnacle of his career.

Unfortunately, Shy did not inherit the title of Little Giant. What a turn of events!

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Instead, Furudate-sensei bestowed the Little Giant moniker to Kamomedai High’s Krai Hoshiumi (via Shy and Tenma’s talks), who claimed it was his title from the start (as he screamed this matter-of-factly to Shy).

Krai Hoshiumi is a short-statured player who has been aware of and accepting his low stature and flaws since he was a youngster. He selected volleyball to identify with in order to break free from Akitomo’s (his older brother’s) grip.

With basketball being Akitomo’s main emphasis, Krai believed that nothing could take away the pleasure of volleyball becoming his “own sport.”

However, when Akitomo went to the gymnasium where Krai was practicing volleyball, he seized the show and once again outshone his younger brother!

Krai sobbed as he returned home, lamenting the fact that he is the only member of his family who is short. “It’s genetics,” his mother consoled him. Instead of stopping there, she pushed her kid to:

“There isn’t a surefire method to get tall, but there are lots of ways to get powerful. You’re my best bet for getting strong!”

When Krai was at his lowest, these were the exact words he needed to hear. Tenma recognized the small kid as the Little Giant owing to his mother’s support!

When Shy recovered from his sadness upon seeing Tenma, he bestowed the title of Little Giant on Krai. On the one hand, supporters may see this as Shy abandoning the desired title, especially after witnessing Tenma as a commoner. After all, the label conjured up a fresh image of it for him: “average,” “ordinary,” and so on.

Fans can also see Shy’s maturation and acceptance of the term “Greatest Decoy,” which Tobio Kageyama gave him while Karasuno High’s squad creation was underway at the start of the series.

It’s not a horrible title at all. At the very least, it’s a clever pseudonym for Shy, who has demonstrated his usefulness as a decoy: he’s lightning-quick when attracting opponents!

Regardless of how Shy and Krai chose their identities, many fans of this famous series will always consider these two small giants to be inspirational volleyball players!

After all, Krai noted that their nicknames aren’t the only thing they have going for them. Even if Krai claims the title of new Little Giant, Shy may still be considered a new Little Giant in the eyes of many.

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