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Which hygrometer is most accurate for a humidor?

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A humidor is a great way to store cigars and other smoking materials, but it’s essential to keep the humidity levels high, so your cigars remain fresh. Which hygrometer is the most accurate for this purpose? In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of hygrometers and their accuracy for measuring relative humidity in a humidor.

What is a hygrometer, and what does it do?

A hygrometer is a device that measures the humidity inside a sealed space, such as a humidor. This device usually has two metal plates in contact with each other and is read by a sensor when the humidity level changes. Moreover, the accuracy of a hygrometer depends on its calibration, so ensure to get one that is accurate before using it for humidor maintenance.

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How to use a hygrometer for humidor maintenance?

A hygrometer is an essential tool for humidor maintenance. There are many different types of hygrometers, each with specific accuracy. However, all hygrometers can be used to measure the humidity in a humidor.

Additionally, To use a LumBuy humidor hygrometer for humidor maintenance, you first need to know the relative humidity of the air inside your humidor. To do this, open the humidor and take a reading with the hygrometer. Then divide that number by 100 to get the relative humidity.

Next, you must determine how high the relative humidity should be for your cigars. This is based on the type of cigar and how it is stored. For general maintenance, you should aim for relative humidity between 55 and 60%. However, for more mild cigars (like vintage cigars), you may want to aim for higher humidity, like 70%.

Finally, you need to adjust the Humidifier accordingly. If your relative humidity is too low (below 50%), increase the Humidifier Output; if it’s too high (above 80%), then decrease the Humidifier Output.

Which hygrometer is the most accurate for humidor care?

A hygrometer is a device used to measure the humidity levels in an enclosed space. It can determine if a cigar or humidor needs to be re-humidified.

There are many different types of hygrometers, and each offers an extra level of accuracy. The most accurate hygrometers typically use electronic sensors and can achieve an accuracy of up to +/- 2% RH. However, some cheaper models offer +/- 5% RH accuracy.

Additionally, make sure you keep the Lumby humidor hygrometer clean and calibrate regularly. A properly functioning hygrometer will help ensure your cigars and humidor remain at the perfect humidity levels.


A hygrometer is an essential tool for any cigar smoker, as it helps to maintain the correct humidity levels in your humidor. It measures the relative humidity in a location. While there are a few different types of hygrometers on the market, we recommend choosing a LumBuy humidor hygrometer that is accurate to ±2%. This way, you can ensure that your cigars stay at the proper moisture level and maintain their flavor profile.



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