What Makes Brazilian Green Propolis So Special

Brazilian Green Propolis

Beehive is regarded as one of the most sterile natural environments. Because honey bees collect resigns from only the selected trees and plants and mix it with their own beeswax and discharge. This gives way to the formation of a glue-like substance called Propolis, which is used as a coating to seal the hive to protect it from infection. Propolis is known for its pharmacological and biological properties, but not all Propolis is the same, and there are different types in it. Propolis grade is dependent on the type of bees, biological origins, and the type of geography where it is produced. Of all types of Propolis, Brazilian Green Propolis is the most used and studied. From this article, you will get a deep understanding of what makes this specific type of Propolis so special:

What is Propolis

As stated in the introduction, it is a waxy, resinous substance that creates by mixing their saliva with bee wax along with components from various trees and plants. It has many medicinal properties and protects from pathogens. The substance that makes Propolis is complex, and in Propolis, scientists have identified more than 300 separate components. But the composition of it can vary depending on the geographical location of the beehive. They also contain polyphenols like flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidant.

What is so special about it?

Propolis grade depends on the type of bees that produce it and its botanical origins. The Minas Gerais forests are densely populated with eucalyptus-like trees and rosemary from which the high-quality Propolis is produced. This specific type of Propolis is taken from the unexpected leaf buds of Baccharisdracunculifolia played by Africanised honey bees. Only this specific bee has the capacity to produce this type of Propolis which has a high concentration of Artepillin-C, which is not found in other Propolis.  

Health Benefits 

  • Natural antibiotic- Based on the many research, it has been proven that it can ameliorate symptoms of influenza. It also possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties. It provides relief from cough, flu, and sore throat.
  • Prevents diabetic complications – This Propolis supports cellular regeneration and promotes wound healing. It helps to revive pancreatic cells to enhance the level of insulin levels. Blood sugar can also be boosted to healthy levels.
  • Healthy heart- Flavonoids in it help possess strong antioxidant properties, which will effectively reduce triglycerides levels, supports the health of blood lipids, and enhance good cholesterol.
  • Protecting nerve cells- Propolis functions as an antioxidant to prevent brain injury and protect delicate nerve cells.
  • Exerts Anti-ulcer and Anti-inflammatory benefits- Helps reduce allergies and itchiness. It is also proven that it reduces the occurrence of ulcers. 
  • Cancer therapy- It is also found that it also produces cancer cell inhibition. This is because the suppression in the growth of cancer cells is believed to be associated with Artepillion-C, which is found exclusively in this type of Propolis.

Inflammation and Herpes

oil for lymphatic drainage

Antioxidants included in Propolis may help to lessen inflammation, including that brought on by arthritis. Researchers have examined the anti-inflammatory effects of Propolis in arthritic rats and mice. In all experiments, the Propolis reduced edema and seemed to affect how the inflammation manifested itself. Propolis and oil for lymphatic drainage may control inflammatory molecules in the body, according to scientists. Propolis may be effective as an alternate therapy for genital or oral herpes, according to a systematic review published in one of the journals. In the review, scientists examined various studies on honey and contrasted their results with those of the widely used HSV drug acyclovir. Propolis was more successful than acyclovir in 4 out of 6 trials for treating HSV skin lesions, notably cold sores.

Oral health and wound healing 

The major cause of tooth plaque is calcium phosphate, and it appears that tooth plaque can be prevented by Propolis. Due to their antimicrobial properties, Propolis and honey may be advantageous as additives in dental care products. Propolis dramatically reduced the number of bacteria in periodontitis patient’s saliva, according to one scientific review. It can also fasten up the process of healing wounds. Propolis assisted the skin in self-repairing by promoting the growth of new cells, according to an experiment on diabetic rats. This shows that Propolis can be helpful for speeding up skin healing for persons with diabetes can have sluggish wound healing. Propolis may aid in preventing disease as it kills some germs.

Bottom Line

Many researchers have suggested that Brazilian green Propolis has numerous properties that could be beneficial for human health. People can also use it on their skin as a mouthwash, and it can be used as a supplement for different types of mental health concerns. Because of these benefits, more people are starting to buy this product. If you believe that you can also get benefits out of Brazilian green Propolis, you can buy it online. 

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