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What is PTFE Adhesive Tape?

The PTFE Adhesive Tape is made from a unique material that has the added benefit of being adhesive on one side. A woven fiberglass substrate is combined with an optimal PTFE content, ensuring maximum conductivity under high temperatures found in harsh industrial environments requiring cut-through properties that can only be achieved with a proprietary silicone or acrylic adhesive system to leave minimal fabric impression. 

 PTFE(Teflon) resin is coated over glass fiber fabric. Silicone adhesive is applied in a heat-resistant manner. Glass fibers are strong and have the utility characteristics of PTFE resins, such as heat resistance, non-adhesion, slickness, and chemical resistance. The material is resistant to abrasion. Approved by the UL510 standard (flame retardant).

One side of PTFE Adhesive Tape is coated with SILICONE pressure sensitive adhesive to meet your individual needs. In industrial applications requiring release properties and extreme temperatures, environmental conditions, or chemical resistance, this product can withstand high temperatures (from -73°C up to plus 260°C).

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Fabrics coated with PTFE are produced by ESONE for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, packaging, electronics, food processing, printing, chemical, UV drying, garments, and textiles.

Different Types of Adhesive Tapes:

Here are different type of Adhesibe Tapes which you can use in your daily life in the form of different products:

PTFE Adhesive Tape Premium:

In addition to providing exceptional grip in varying conditions, Esone’s premium industrial tapes are scratch-resistant and feature a smooth and glossy finish, making them suitable for a wide range of environments.

PTFE Cloth Tape Industrial 

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Industrial is selected as the basic material for Esone PTFE Cloth Tapes Industrial, and high pressure sensitive silicone adhesive is applied on top. Providing excellent heat transfer, release, and flexibility, these products offer the greatest value to customers.

Antistatic PTFE Adhesive Tape 

With anti-static properties and semi-conductivity, PTFE Adhesive Tape can dissipate static and prevent electricity from escaping. You can use this material not only for its release properties but also for resistance to chemicals and other harsh conditions. 

Teflon Tape

In the Teflon Tape for Heat Sealer, PTFE Fiberglass is bonded with a silicon rubber adhesive, then etched using a laser machine to achieve a thickness of 0.08mm. It is capable of providing better performance under high-temperature conditions during heat sealing processes. 

Final Thoughts:

In the last, I must say that there are many benefits of using PTFE Adhesive Tapes. The adhesive is often used on many industrial products, and most of them even in the medical field because of its excellent performance. I hope that this information can help you in your daily life. Don’t hesitate any longer!


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