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What does Pac Man Really Eat?

Isn’t everyone familiar with Pac-Man? But what does Pac-Man eat? Pac-Man is one of, if not the first, globally famous video game characters. Pac-Man was truly a global sensation, starting in arcades and finding his way into homes through home system conversions, licensed electronic games, and knock-off clone releases.

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In the 1980s, board games, a cartoon, and a slew of other items were created and marketed. I recall playing the board game and placing the small white balls on the game board, but do you know what Pac-Man was eating?

Ok, So what is Pac-Man Actually Eating?

Pac Dots are the little dots that Pac-Man eats as he goes around each game level (or just dots). The bigger dots he uses to consume the ghosts are the flashing power capsules – Inky (light blue), Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), and Clyde (pink) (orange).

Midway Pac-Man arcade flyer.

The dots that you must consume to finish each level are referred to as dots on the back of the Midway arcade flyer. Yes, Midway refers to them simply as dots, though I like the title Pac-Dots.

How Pac-Man Eating Can help them to Power Up

Of course, there are the power-ups, which are referred to as Power Capsules by the same arcade flyer from the game’s original American release. Where’s my Power Capsule? I like this word, and it seems like something you might use on a Monday morning.

I’ve also seen them referred to as power pellets, but there’s something more thrilling (isn’t there?) about the phrase Power Capsule to me.

What is the Relation Between Puck Man and Pac Man?

Pac-Man was initially known as Puck Man in Japan, where it was created and distributed by Namco, which raises the issue of where those Puck-Dots came from.

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I don’t speak Japanese, but if you could look at the Namco Puck-Man arcade poster and tell me whether the dots have a different name, that would be great.

Midway was given the right to distribute Puck Man in the United States, and his name was altered as a result. Puck-Man was given that name because he resembles a hockey puck.

Midway was concerned that aspiring graffiti artists/mischievous arcade players might easily modify the title to the ‘F Bomb guy’ (I won’t swear on my blog) by just changing the P to an F. As a result, he was given the name Pac-Man.

This wasn’t the only alteration for western consumers; the game’s tempo and difficulty were also raised to cater to their preferences.

The Powerful Ghost Buster Pac-Man

After eating a Power Capsule Pac-Man may, of course, pursue and consume those pesky ghosts who will become blue for a brief while. Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man, created each ghost to have its own personality in order to keep the game from becoming monotonous.

The time it takes for the ghosts to become blue changes with each level, starting at 6 seconds and decreasing before increasing at stage 6.

The Pac-Man Ghosts & their Names:

Blinky is a crimson character with a shadowy personality (chases Pac-Man)

Pinky is a pink character with a quick wit (aims for a position in front of Pac-Man)

Inky is a cyan (light blue) character with a shy demeanor (fickle will head towards Pac-Man and sometimes head away from him too)

Clyde — Orange with a snarky demeanor (will aim for Pac-Man when he is some distance away but when close to Pac-Man he will aim towards the lower-left corner of the maze).

To know more about the name of Pac-man names you can go here.

How Much Pac-Man can actually Eat:

Doesn’t he eat a lot, especially if you’re skilled at the game? But how much can Pac-Man consume?

The short answer is that he can consume everything on the screen up to stage 255. At stage 256, a problem causes the right side of the screen to fill up with random symbols, preventing you from finishing the level.

Instead, you must strive to earn as many points as possible while using up your remaining lives.

He eats dots/Pac dots, power capsules, fruit, Galaxians, bells, keys, and ghosts, among other things. Basically, he can eat everything he sees on TV.

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