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How To Use Right Profile Picture For Instagram


Profile pictures are a vital element for your business be it a small-scale business. A large-scale the social standing is as important as a physical presence. You need to put a good profile pictures to attract people towards your organization. Display picture is just the superficial part the other factors are also involved. To optimize your profile that will be discussed later.

A profile picture is a gateway to your business which must be beautified and perfectly organized. To optimize the business as social media platforms tend to generate. A lot of sales due to their importance to the public.

This article will detail all the important things needed to amplify your business. Brings out the best from it. Keep digging this article if you want to put forward your A-game:

Perfect Portrayal

Your profile photo must portray your brand perfectly. So make sure that the picture you put on your display either represents you or your brand.

For example; if you are running a sneakers business then the business logo must be. According to the sneakers or something that tells the story of your brand. Likewise, if you are running a makeup brand. Then you can use a model showcasing your product, which must be clearly visible.

Instagram quickly acquired ubiquity, with 1,000,000 enrolled clients in two months. Gained the help for around US$1 billion in real money and stock. The Android variant was delivered in April 2012. Trailed by an element restricted work area interface in November 2012.

As of October 2015, north of 40 billion photographs had been transferred. Albeit frequently respected for its prosperity and impact. Instagram has likewise been scrutinized for adversely influencing adolescents’ psychological wellness. Its strategy and connection point changes, its supposed restriction, and unlawful and improper substance transferred by clients.

Note : To Download Instagram Stories use Igstories.


Choose The Correct Dimensions

While we are discussing your profile picture it becomes essential to guide you regarding the size of the profile picture. Instagram profile photos are very different than other social platforms. It only allows picture picture having a 1:1 aspect ratio or a square-shaped photo that can easily fit in the circle assigned for the profile picture. Hire a professional photographer and ask him to click a photo. According to instagram’s dimensions that are clearly visible to the users.

Don’t congest the space just be specific with detailing because you have a whole profile to yourself to explain the brand later. You can use Instazoom to download other businesses’ profile picture to take an idea of how to make a brand logo or place a profile picture perfectly in a circle.

Insta Zoom is easy to operate and it can work by just inserting the URL or the username in the website that will produce HD quality results for you which can even be downloaded for a better understanding of the image.

Aesthetic is the Key

Make your profile aesthetically pleasing by choosing a theme for your profile accordingly. Instagram offers theme packets for profiles that can be adjusted accordingly to make your profile attractive and eye-pleasing. If you are choosing an orange-based theme make sure to include something orangey in every profile picture of yours to help it coordinate with the theme and it will also make your images pop.

Lightning & Contrast

Click fine and colorful pictures for your business accounts and make sure to take pictures with proper detailing where the results are fine and distinguish the background from the subject.

Insta Zoom can help you download HD-quality pictures that will help you give a better idea of taking and uploading pictures in a specific format.

Arrange Highlights

The highlights section in your profile is your best bet you can use them to your advantage by explaining every product in detail. Name the highlights for easier understanding and use them to explain or clear all the confusion regarding your product

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used in the trending topics hence there are high chances that if you intelligently use hashtags then you might appear in the trending section where your brand will get noticed and you can engage customers from there.


Social media is the OG place to promote your brand because of billions of users’ presence there is a bigger chance of getting your brand noticed. You can use Insta Zoom to download HD quality profile picture that can even be used for your other social media platforms and it can also be used to get an idea from different profiles.

Remember to keep bringing new innovation and artistic abilities to your brand that will help you to move forward in the concentrated market there are always bright chances of getting noticed if you build or present a unique brand. It can also be used to get an idea from different profiles.

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