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Top 5 social media strategies to follow for health club marketing

To become top-ranked in terms of marketing, you need to have a lot of things in your plate. We can analyze how the club marketing sector is rapidly growing and the ratio of competition in this sector, through the stats between 2009 and 2019.

From 2009 to 2019, the global health and fitness club industry generated estimated revenues of 96.7 billion U.S. dollars.

According to the reports of Statista, “Planet Fitness” is the most significant health club company worldwide in 2020, that generated the highest revenue ranked by revenue. Planet Fitness generated 406.6 million U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020.

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According to the report, the number of clubs in the European health and fitness market is estimated to reach the highest level. By 2026, 87.42 thousand health and fitness clubs will be on the European market.

In order to become to get prominent place in the health club sector, you must follow some marketing strategies and ideas. This blog will reveal the importance of social media marketing ideas and strategies to get fruitfull results from your health club.

Importance of marketing the health club

Running a health club in this tough competition is a challenging task. To become prominent in this competition, you have to focus on your marketing strategy. Marketing is influential in introducing your health club to a large group of people. Thus, an ideal marketing strategy should be designed to generate more leads. Moreover, it plays an active role in customer retention and earning customer loyalty.

Using marketing techniques, you can experience better engagement with your members. Furthermore, it has a significant role in providing a better customer experience—a glimpse of the advantages of using the right marketing strategy.

  • Better relationship and engagement
  • Ensure the better user experience
  • Improve the provision of services
  • Better image portrayal of the health club
  • Increase the reach of the health club
  • Helps in member retention
  • Improve the customer loyalty


Now let’s explore what strategies and ideas you should follow to leverage the benefits of  marketing your health club.

Social media strategies to follow for marketing your health club

●     Use social media for better outreach

The number of social media users has reached 52% of the global population. Thus more than half of the worldwide population has social media presence. The exciting thing is a significant part of this 52% population belongs to the youth. Hence, the major part of the audience of the fitness and health club is the youth. Thus, social media is the best option to target the desired audience.

Moreover, the fitness industry is notorious for using social media. Thus, you have to bring more effort into your marketing strategy to better target the audience and increase your brand expansion to a large group of people.

Furthermore, through social media, there are more chances of referrals, and users more often recommend their choice to their friends if they enjoy a positive experience in the fitness club. Thus, you should consider the best time to post on social media for better results while making a strategy.

●     Digital fitness events

Using the power of social media, you can reach your more targeted audience better. Now the next focus of your marketing strategy should be based on customer engagement. For customer engagement, hoist digital fitness events to fulfill the fitness gaps of your online audience. Also, ensure that you are hosting digital fitness events to cover the audience’s needs. Thus make sure that first, you understand their needs and then host.

To understand the needs of the social media members, you can conduct a quiz activity to understand their interests and needs. Thus, hitting their interests in your digit6al event will significantly help you earn customer loyalty. Wellyx offer great deals of benefits for managing your health club.


●     Automated chat or replies to customer queries

Auto replies are a quick way to deal with the concerns of the online audience immediately. The user base you came across through social media platforms wants quick responses. Although managing the replies of a large audience is tiresome and hectic, ‌you cannot manage in a short time. Thus, it would be best if you give prime importance to the auto-replies. Moreover, it will save your time and help you attract customers with prompt replies.

●     Paid ads and digital incentives

Social media helps attract more customers, but it requires a lot of time to bring results. If you want to produce outcomes immediately, you can use paid ads. Paid ads will bring you immediate results. Moreover, to make a better impact on the new users, make your campaign more effective with free digital referrals such as free referrals and free trials.

Summing up

Marketing has transformative power for your health club. The power of social media is undeniable in producing effective results for health clubs. Thus, Health club marketing can reach a better place in a short period if an effective strategy is implemented. Hopefully, this blog will help you unlock this transformative power.





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