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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting Over Cloud


Often, online business owners striving to advance their business websites get gobbled while choosing between cloud hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting. Indeed, both these types of web hosting solutions are the most powerful options one can have. However, you must opt for the aptest web hosting solution in order to flexibly host your business website with full efficiency. Through this guide, you will learn why Dedicated Hosting has an edge over cloud server web hosting. But before anything else, let us give you a brief about the working of cloud hosting & Dedicated Server Web Hosting for a better understanding. 

Difference between Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Server

The dedicated server is the robust web hosting server that functions exclusively for the person to whom it gets assigned. When you purchase Dedicated Server Hosting, you own the entire physical server space as well as its resources. Unlike shared server web hosting, it does not make you share the resources of the hosting server of your website. Further, your website achieves high processing power. In addition to this, it also enables you to get rid of all the hosting restrictions or constraints one encounters under other kinds of web hosting servers.

On the other hand, cloud hosting makes use of computing and storage technology. Under cloud server hosting, physical hardware is split into various distinct virtualized server units. Hosting your business website on a cloud service enables you to store the files & data over a cluster of interconnected servers. Unlike Dedicated Servers, there is no specific location where you keep all your data. When one server in the cluster gets some issue, your website begins operating with another server from the same cluster. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Choose Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

This section incorporates the essential key reasons why picking Dedicated Server Hosting over cloud server hosting can be highly beneficial for your online business. Let’s have a quick glance at them!


Cloud hosting involves more complexity as there is a cluster of servers operating to host your business website. On the other side, Dedicated Server Hosting lets you have the entire server space as well as resources to host your business website, keeping things way simple, efficient, and straightforward. 


Dedicated Hosting is known to deliver the best performance than cloud servers. Your business website acquires maximum uptime, least web page loading time, and optimal performance under all situations.


The plans of cloud server web hosting come at a reasonable cost price in comparison to dedicated. Whereas you can acquire the Best Dedicated Server Hosting plans at the most affordable rates from industry-leading web hosts, like Hostbillo. 


Cloud server hosting can make scalability a bit easier. However, Dedicated Server Hosting allows you equally scale up or down your resources as and when your web business needs or demands. So, acquiring the same level of scalability at a lower cost price makes more sense. 


With Dedicated Server Hosting, you get the possibility to better build redundancy. The cloud servers are not as reliable as their dedicated counterparts due to the high complexity & lack of transparency.

From Whom You Can Buy the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services?

Best Dedicated server Hosting

If you are aiming to purchase Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting for your online business, you must seek a top-notch & most reliable web host. Here we recommend Hostbillo web hosting company. Hostbillo is a highly renowned web host across the globe. It is popular for rendering top-class Web Hosting Plans at the most feasible prices. Each Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plan comes with highly scalable web resources and flexible hosting services. You get the right to easily downgrade or upgrade your plan according to the needs or demands of your web business. 

The company further provides top-tier equipment & potent hardware tools based on resilient as well as modern technologies. Moreover, you acquire the following incredible features with the Dedicated Server Hosting – 

  • Hostbillo’s data centers provide the fastest network connectivity and secure channels. 
  • You receive 24/7/365 technical & customer assistance from a team of experienced as well as proficient specialists. The team remains available over the multiple communication modes to offer prompt responses & most profitable solutions to all your queries or server issues. 
  • Your business website gets 99.90% uptime assurance with the service level agreement. 
  • The company offers 7 days credit back guarantee with all the Dedicated Server Hosting Plans to let you make a safe & secure money investment. 
  • You acquire the user-friendly control panel options to effortlessly manage your business website hosting. 
  • Also, the company provides a free SSL certificate along with advanced data protection measures. 


Dedicated Server Hosting comes with the ability to take care of any amount of workload effectively. It provides all the privileges & advantages you can need to expand your online business at a faster pace. Moreover, Hostbillo web hosting company offers cutting-edge hosting facilities with the choices of fully managed & unmanaged services with your server plan. This makes it further convenient for you to successfully host your business website without any difficulty or complexity. Browse the informational website of Hostbillo now to grab more insightful particulars about the best yet most reasonable Dedicated Server Hosting Plans. 

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