Is The Viral “Under the Sea Refresher” From Starbucks A Real Drink You Can Order?

under the sea refresher

One of the things TikTok is good at is showing us all the foods and drinks we wish we had. This app can make everything from great recipes to some of the best cocktails. However, just because something looks fantastic online doesn’t mean it’s real. Knowing what a fake viral video is is sometimes important before embarrassment.

A new viral Starbucks drink called “Under the Sea Refresher” gives off major Little Mermaid vibes saying it’s called an “Under the Sea Refresher.” However, the coffee giant has reported too many secret menus to take it at face value, so now we can’t trust it. Has someone played another cruel joke on me or is this drink real?

Is the “Under the Sea Refresher” at Starbucks real?

No, unfortunately. Starbucks does not sell Under The Sea Refresher, the viral drink. That’s why Starbucks doesn’t put candy worms in their drinks.

The “Under the Sea Refresher” on TikTok looks like an iced blue drink containing colorful gummy worms. Although it looks tempting, especially during the summer, it’s not a real Starbucks drink.

The Tiktok User @hannahgalligan24 posted the video right after Christmas in 2021, so it appears to be a joke. In the video, there is a text message stating, “I got the new Starbucks drink today.”

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Starbucks 'Under the Sea' Refresher Comments


Whether or not it is a real drink is the big question. The gorgeous design makes us feel like a mermaid.
I would like to remind you that Starbucks U.S. currently does not contain any ingredients that can turn you blue. It has been years since we wanted something, but it hasn’t happened yet.
Consider ordering the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher without the dragonfruit pieces (which makes it pink), then adding a splash of Blue Glacier Gatorade and adding your gummy worms on top.

Here’s how you can make an “Under the Sea Refresher” at Home

Starbucks baristas must be confused, we can only imagine. Even if they know what you’re talking about, they may not have the ingredients to make the “Under the Sea Refresher”. You can make it in less than five minutes with just a few ingredients and it doesn’t look too complicated. Here’s how it works.

There are a lot of similarities between this fake drink and the light blue Gatorade Glacier Freeze flavor. Start by pouring some gummy worms into the cup. Once that is covered with ice, pour the sports drink over it. Sprite is another clear addition you can play around with. To make this 21+-friendly, substitute Sprite for Gatorade and top it off with Blue Curacao instead of Gatorade. Lastly, pour yourself a Starbucks tumbler and you’re done.


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