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The 12 Best Instagram Influencers and Blogs in 2022

The 12 Best Instagram Influencers and Blogs in 2022

In addition to the pandemic that spread across the globe, it was also an Instagram phenomenon that was widespread among all. People were looking for gist, and once they had it, they wanted more. There are several websites, blogs, and influencers to keep track of on Instagram. If you’re searching for something that fits your niche, you need not look too far to find it.2022 is only six months old, and certain Instagrammers have seen record-breaking success. We took the time to recognize the best-performing websites and blogs about Instagram marketing so that you can be part of the excitement. click here

1. Reddit (over 30 posts every day)

Reddit is a social network that brings a community of professional and amateur content creators and engages in discussions on many subjects.


The members of r/Instagram post content that are voted down or increased by the community. So, you can quickly discern which content will benefit your marketing plan.

2. Storm likes (over 30 posts per month)

Storm likes to give businesses, brands and influencers, creators of content, and occasionally casual Instagrammers valuable tips and strategies to be successful in this Instagram game. The frequency of the blog varies between 30-60 posts per month. They’re thoroughly researched and well-written.

The service is among the few that can provide you with Instagram followers from real individuals. You can receive 10 Instagram likes for free to check the authenticity of the service before purchasing any of the packages.

3. Ampfluence (over two posts per day)

Influence is an established brand in the field of advertising on Instagram. The blog is a service provider for bloggers, photographers, businesses, influencers, content creators, and those looking to leverage Instagram to improve their marketing or branding channels.

In the position of an Instagram business development blog, you can take on the most prominent names on Instagram and therefore take more action than average. This is why Ampfluence posts two IG marketing posts per day.

4. Preview (over four posts per month)

The Instagram blog is the top source for everything you’ll need regarding feed ideas, topics, themes, and strategies. Designs, hacks, filters and tricks, tips and tricks, and so on.

It’s a good investment for everyone, whether you’re looking to start with Instagram or grow your Instagram following.Preview also has an active fan base exceeding seven million Instagram followers.

5. SBZ Enterprise (1 post per week)

Highly rated social media influencer, educator, coach, and consultant for business development Sue. B Zimmerman owns and controls SBZ Enterprise.

Over time, Sue has used this blog to raise the awareness of Instagram companies and brands with tested strategies that work.She is a resident of Boston and is very active on her Instagram following.

6. socially sorted (3 posts each year)

Socially Sorted are a virtual-powered social media strategy and content platform specifically designed for companies. The blog is run by Donna and is based in Queensland, Australia.

This blog will assist your company in gaining the exposure it requires on Instagram to give your business an edge by using effective marketing strategies.

Donna’s Socially Sorted is a highly active life on Instagram, and there’s not any time she’s not able to find something interesting to talk about.

7. Gleam.io (3 posts per week)

Gleam is well-known for its ability to draw more Instagram users to your company. They help in driving the speedy increase in followers.

With a strong presence on Instagram, Gleam.io is moderately popular in terms of content frequency when it comes to Instagram Marketing tips.That’s how they got on our list of one of the top Instagram blogs to watch for.

8. InstantBoss Club (1 each month)

InstantBoss Club is another spot where you can grow your followers on Instagram. This blog helps you get the most engagement on Instagram by providing valuable reports and content.

The Instagram blog is now more popular than it was a few times ago. Visit the blog and experience what you think.

9. Jumper Media (5 posts per year)

The company’s headquarters are in San Diego. Jumper Media is one of the top names for IG marketing. The website has a wide range of highly skilled marketers who aid in boosting your company’s presence on social media.

10. Ella J. Mae (2 posts per day)

The father of Ella was a famous author. Before she delved into social media marketing, she was an agent for marketing with some of the most prestigious companies and brands in Canada and the US.

She shifted into a more leisurely schedule and maintained her love for marketing. At present, Ella is one of the top brands in branding businesses for marketing on Instagram.

11. Gain (1 post per month)

Gain is the best for making an impact on how people use Instagram … effortlessly.

It handles everything to do for you and allows you to manage independently. It helps you manage your work by scheduling tasks and checking feedback from your clients and shares.

Their blog is equally helpful for businesses and brands. They are significant to Instagram marketers, just as the other blogs.

12. BlastUp (1 post per week)

Recently revamped, BlastUp now publishes an Instagram marketing piece every week. Similar to the earlier blogs, their articles focus on driving more traffic and engagement on your Instagram account.

Instagram has become more than a mere social media platform, with people pushing the boundaries to build an active and engaged following. Every company and person wants to see better times, but your chosen strategy can bring about the desired outcome.


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