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Stunning Places To Visit In Wenzhou This Year

East China’s Wenzhou, on the coast of the Pacific, is a breathtaking destination. Natural parks, islands, mountains, and lakes make up some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes. 

As a tourist destination, it is located on the Chinese mainland in the eastern area. However, there is definitely a lot more to do. 

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The Nanxi River’s picturesque place

The river that flows through it known as the “paradise river” in Chinese mythology and folklore because of its beauty. Trees, plants, and animals from a wide variety of species found in both the area and the valley. Along the river, there are also beautiful and attractive communities, as well as cliff-like features, such as the Dario Cliff and the Water Rock. Near the Dario cliff lies a village dotted with ancient pavilions, temples, and residences. This and other popular tourist destinations are found in this part of the country.

Mountains in the Yangtze River

Yandang Mountain is one of the most prominent mountains on the coast. While investigated by Chinese imperial dynasties, it flourished alongside other cultures and traditions from throughout the globe during the Tang era. A prominent mountain in Chinese culture, mythology, and tourism, and it is situated in China’s vast national tourist region. As a result, it is considered one of the world’s best geological scenic parks.

Island of Jiangxinyu

In addition to its breathtaking scenery and historical antiquities, the island north of Wenzhou is known as a unique meeting place for tourists and locals alike. Chinese poets who penned their masterpieces on the island have made it a popular tourist destination. Jiangxin Temple and the East and West Pagodas are only two of the island’s religious landmarks. In addition to daytime activities, the island is converted into a mystical destination at night owing to the addition of lights and other decorations.

The island of Nanji

Nanji Island, despite its coastal position and closeness to the mainland, is considered the first natural sanctuary on all of China’s islands. The water at Dashaao Beach is incredibly clear, and the sand on this beach is a perfect shade of ivory. This is a popular spot for people to sunbathe and go swimming. Coral reefs, islands, and reservoirs provide habitat for a wide variety of marine species and algae. As both a marine reserve and an ecological zone, the area is home to a variety of aquatic species.

Jiangxi Province, China

Located in Wencheng District’s upper and middle portions of Feiyun River. The lake has a long history with Chinese politician and military leader Liu Xiaoping. The Liu Pagoda, which honours the leader, can be found in this area. As well as being a national park and a national historic site, the Mountain Forest National Park also serves as an ecological protection area and a national park. This area is also home to the Baizhai waterfall, which is often referred to be China’s highest.

Wuyanling is a protected area of land in China.

Environmental considerations are of special concern in this green area, which is home to an array of plants/animals of all kinds. The area is home to a variety of endangered animal species, as well as a tropical rainforest reserve. The highest peak in the Wenzhou region, Baiyujinag Peak, is also a well-known landmark in the area.

Zoo of Wenzhou

Animals endemic to the area live there, and there is a variety of them to see. The zoo is located at the top of a hill, thus there is a hiking trail that climbs up to the top of the hill. For those who want to visit the animals, there is a park they may pass through on their route there. Family outings to a zoo are popular with small children.

Attractions in Wenzhou, China

It is a nearby theme park that resembles Disneyland. And it has a number of roller coasters and other kid-friendly attractions. Inspired by Great America in the United States and Gilroy Park, a park in France, the design of this theme park influenced by both. Besides the rock climbing and Jurassic Park slides, there is Adventure Valley and a Cartoon Zone for youngsters to enjoy.

The Best Places to See Waterfalls in the U.S.

A waterfall seen in a stunning natural setting just outside of Wenzhou, China. There’s even a hiking trail up to the falls, and swimming is allowed in the natural pools formed by the falls themselves. The trail to the waterfall also provides some stunning views.


If shopping isn’t your thing, you can always take a stroll around the alleys, stop by the islands or parks, or just relax in one of the many recreation spaces available to adults and children alike. Wenzhou is a bustling metropolis with an abundance of things to see and do. Plan a trip with AirlinesMap right away for a hassle-free experience and book one of the customizable China holiday packages. Happy vacations..!

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