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Seed Pokémon Go Walking in River: Tasks & Reward

To commemorate the debut of the film Detective Pikachu, Pokémon Go is hosting a special event. Raids will include movie stars, there will be special Field Research, and catch XP will be doubled. Shiny Aipom and Ambipom will be released in conjunction with this event, so keep an eye out for a pink monkey.

The Pokémon in the movie trailer is also spawning at a higher rate than usual. While you’ll see more Psyducks, Snubbulls, and Pikachus, you’ll also see Ludicolo, Charizard, and Flareon on your radars. For the course of the event, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Growlithe, Cubone, Lickitung, Eevee, Aipom, and Loudred have all had their spawn rates increased. If you’re playing in Europe, you’ll note that there are a lot more Mr. Mimes.


To get Detective Hat Pikachu, simply snap some photos in AR+ mode. The Pikachu will appear, photobombing your snapshot, and then will spawn on the overworld map shortly after. This is the same process used for Smeargle and the Ash Hat Pikachu. Detective Hat Pikachu also spawns in the wild.

A Pokémon Detective Pikachu event has now begun in Pokémon GO, along with movie-inspired tasks that are available for rewards.

Players had already noticed that Field Research is a tougher challenge than those Niantic usually prepares during its events, which took place from May 7-17, 2019.

It’s because the riddles like catching seed pokemon walking in rivers are related to the upcoming film and the trailers to be released in cinemas around the world from now on.

During Field Research, you will have the opportunity to capture Pokémon belonging to the Steam, Fire, and Seed types or catch those which are carrying a backpack. There are a lot of out there who are left scratching their heads when it comes to the Pocket Monster series, even those who know it inside and out. Let’s get started!

Seed Pokemon Walking in River- Explanation

Catching seed pokemon walking in a river is a bit different from what players are accustomed to when it comes to field research. Having introduced field research tasks last year, they clearly explain what players have to do.

But in this instance, that’s not the case. In order to solve a couple of riddles in the Detective Pikachu tasks, you need to know the movie (or at least the trailer). Here are some answers to a few simple riddles that may seem challenging.

First up, “catch seed pokemon walking in the river.”  A Psyduck is carried around by the movie character Lucy Stevens. Get a Magikarp encounter by catching one in Pokémon GO. In the second piece of movie-based riddle research, catch the seed pokemon that is seen walking in the river.” You will encounter Treecko if you catch one of them.

Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu – Tasks & Riddles


Aside from the chance to catch Detective Pikachu, trainers will also be able to take on new research tasks. The clues are found by watching the movie trailers carefully, however, and if you don’t know what to look for, they can be slightly tricky. The tasks like seed pokemon walking in the river are picked up as usual through PokeStops. Let’s try to solve each of them.

Seed Pokemon Walking in the River

Let’s begin with ‘catch the seed pokemon that is seen walking in the river’. But what is the seed pokemon walking in the river? The Pokemon Seed Bulbasaur is shown walking through a river in the Detective Pikachu trailer, so catching a Bulbasaur will reward you with an encounter with Treecko.

Pokémon Go: Catch a Water-Type Pokemon Carrying a Backpack

Triplegems provides you with unique information. After seed Pokemon walking in a river, next, we have a riddle where you need to put the Pokemon in a backpack that we saw in the trailers, so we will try that. To win, come out and catch Psyduck (my favorite). A Magikarp encounter is a reward.

Catch the Fire-Type Evolution of Eevee in Pokemon Go.

If you know your Eevee evolutions, this is the easiest of the bunch. Catch a Flareon if you want the fire evolution. You’ll be rewarded with an Arcanine encounter for your trouble.

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