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Reasons to Choose Centricity EMR for Medical Practices

There are many reasons to choose Centricity EMR over other EMRS. If you are considering upgrading your current software, you can find out more about Centricity EMR in this article. It includes features and pricing information as well as reviews. Centricity EMR has been in the market for over two decades and continues to evolve with the changing landscape of healthcare. Read on to learn more about this EMRS.

GE Centricity

GE Centricity is an EMR software that helps physicians and other healthcare providers easily integrate patient health records into their practice’s business systems, including website. This software has an interface with Hyland Healthcare’s OnBase that helps providers link their records to their own records and provide immediate access. The software also has an intuitive interface and is designed to make data easy to access for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Over 35,000 physicians have adopted the Centricity EMR software. One of its earliest customers, John G. Finn, M.D., wanted to improve the efficiency of his practice while improving patient care quality. Implementing the Centricity EMR increased staff productivity and enhanced care coordination. GE’s Centricity EMR system helped him meet these goals. The software also allows physicians to see the full scope of patient care in a single system.

What makes Centricity software good?

Better for Larger Practices

GE Centricity is a powerful electronic health records (EMR) system designed for larger medical practices. It is compatible with mobile and tablet devices. The software is designed to integrate with many medical devices, such as diagnostic systems and imaging equipment. It focuses on improving patient outcomes, allowing practices to compare themselves with other practices in the community and participate in performance pay comparisons with other health care organizations. It is highly customizable and offers seamless integration with other healthcare software.

ONC- Certified

GE Centricity has achieved ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification. The ONC-ATCB certification is a key enabler for meaningful use criteria, a crucial requirement for qualifying for federal EHR stimulus funds. Certification from CCHIT is a credible indicator that the product meets these requirements. With all the benefits of Centricity, healthcare organizations should invest in this software today.


In addition to its integration with OnBase, GE Centricity’s OnBase Medical Records Management Solution allows clinicians to access patient records easily. It simplifies daily housekeeping tasks and secure information sharing. Additionally, GE Centricity is compatible with numerous other medical systems that hospital staff rely on every day. For example, healthcare staff must navigate multiple systems to complete routine tasks. With GE Centricity, they can manage their information more effectively.

GE Centricity Advance

Centricity Advance EMR software makes the process of documenting patient medical records much easier. Its user-friendly format and simplified design allow for ease of use. This EMR software is geared towards primary care physicians, and training is usually completed within four weeks. It meets industry standards for cloud computing, which means there will be no technical problems in the future. The software also offers voice recognition and dictation capabilities for doctors to record their thoughts.

Telhealth Services

The software supports a variety of advanced clinical workflows, including telehealth and electronic patient records. New prescriptions can be digitally signed and routed directly to the pharmacy. Patients can also view lab results, upcoming appointments, and upcoming appointments. Additionally, it supports secure messaging and an embedded browser that lets you search Google within the patient record. It has an app for physicians who purchase the complete EMR license.

Since Centricity Advance is no longer offered, GE has released a new EMR, called Centricity Practice, which focuses on the needs of midsize and large practices. The company is focusing development resources on Centricity Practice, which should give them more room to add features and functionality. GE’s new ambulatory EMR will be available to smaller practices in the near future. However, there is no guarantee that it will remain as popular as its predecessor.


GE has made it easy for practices to implement a cloud-based EMR software. This software provides the affordability and comfort of cloud computing for patient data management. It also delivers on therapeutic and preventative practice requirements to help physicians improve their efficiency and revenue cycle. So if you are looking for an EMR software for your medical practice, look no further than Centricity Advance. They are an excellent choice and are an excellent fit for small practice owners.

Powerful User-Interface

GE Centricity Advance EMR software has a powerful user interface that supports accurate documentation of patient medical information. It keeps track of a patient’s medical information over time and helps doctors compare their results to their peers. Its advanced clinical functionality can be integrated with other Centricity software packages. There is a reason it’s on the ONR Certified Health IT Product List. It’s important to look for ONR-certified software that meets meaningful use requirements.


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