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What are the Pac-man Ghost Names?

Many gamers see it as an indisputable classic. We’ve never asked, “What are the names of the Pac-Man ghosts?”

Pac-Man was first introduced in 1980, therefore it’s conceivable Pac-Man is older than you. Since then, the game has been transferred all over the place, and you can almost certainly find it on your preferred platform, even newer ones. Some of us have spent decades playing Pac-Man.

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Finally, the question will be answered for those who are interested.

One may just presume that the ghosts in Pac-Man are exactly that: ghosts. They’re meant to be a stumbling block for the protagonist as he zips around eating dots and fruit. Namco, on the other hand, appears to have taken it far further.

There are names for these spirits. They are individuals with distinct personalities. They behave in predictable ways that, if you pay attention, can provide you an advantage. And now you have the opportunity to learn more about them than you ever imagined. Check out the Pac man’s 30th anniversary with the collaboration with Google Doodle.

Blinky is the red ghost, and he’ll be the one pursuing Pac-Man around most aggressively. Pinky is a pink ghost whose game revolves around ambushing Pac-Man. Inky is the cyan ghost, and at any given time, he will adopt the behavior of the other three ghosts. Finally, Clyde, the orange ghost, will follow Pac-Man along the maze-like Blinky does until it gets too near, at which point it will flee to another portion of the maze.

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You might be able to get yourself out of a bind if you recall who does what when playing Pac-Man. You can always depend on Blinky to keep you on your toes. Keep an eye on Pinky and modify your course if you don’t want to get cut off. Inky? You’ll have to find out whose personality the ghost is assuming at the moment. And avoiding Clyde is all about getting that ghost out of the way of where you need to be.

So now you know the names of the Pac-Man ghosts as well as their personalities. We anticipate receiving emails with all of your high scores.

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