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Make a Good Impression with Hair Extension Boxes

Custom printed hair extension boxes can be very effective for your retail business. A die-cut window will allow your customers to view the contents easily. They’ll be able to see the lengths and thickness of your extensions without having to lift them out of the box. You’ll be able to make a good impression with your hair extension boxes, and your customers will appreciate them. You’ll be able to make them stand out among other retail products on the shelf.

Custom printed hair extension boxes

Whether you’re selling natural hair extensions or selling other cosmetic items, Custom printed hair extension boxes can be a great way to market your business. These boxes are the perfect choice for displaying brand logos and slogans, and can even be customized with a window to display the color of the extensions. Customers can also use these boxes to keep their brand name in the forefront of their mind, while still receiving a unique keepsake.

In addition to custom printed hair extension boxes, you can also use them to promote your online presence. A custom-printed box can increase brand awareness and promote brand recognition, both of which are important if you wish to succeed in the fashion industry. These boxes are an excellent way to advertise your business and attract new customers. For the most impactful results, consider using a custom-printed hair extension box to advertise your brand. This will help you stand out from the crowd, as well as promote the beauty of your products.

Types of hair extension boxes

There are many different types of hair extension boxes available. The style will influence the decision of the customer to buy the hair extension. The type of packaging will also determine the safety of the hair extensions. Some types have unique styles, such as pull-out boxes, which are designed to be easy to open for customers to remove the hair extensions. Innovative boxes feature double-faced windows or partitions. Regardless of the type of hair extension packaging you choose; the following tips will help you find a product that fits your needs and will keep your customer satisfied for years to come.

One important feature of hair extension boxes is lamination. Lamination applies a thin layer of plastic or silk to the packaging surface. This gives it a smooth and shiny appearance, and is also helpful in retaining printing on the hair extension packaging. There are different types of laminations, and the preferred ones include gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV, and semi-matte AQ. These materials are more durable than other packaging materials, which makes them more attractive to consumers.

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Application of lamination to hair extension boxes

Hair extension boxes feature glossy finishes thanks to the application of lamination. Lamination is the process of applying a layer of plastic or silk to the packaging to create a smooth, glossy surface. It also helps retain the quality of printing and graphics on the packaging. Depending on the type of hair extension packaging you’re creating, you may opt for gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV, or semi-matte lamination.

When choosing a hair extension box design, you should look for a simple, yet elegant design. Paper and cardboard are both excellent choices, but you should also strive to choose a box style that evokes a sense of luxury. For example, a 20-inch box can hold 12 to 20 inches of hair. A simple yet elegant design will appeal to a wide audience. If you are looking to attract the upscale market, consider a box design that’s elegant, yet not too busy.

Benefits of custom printed hair extension boxes

Custom-printed hair extension boxes are a great way to advertise your business. They should contain your brand name, logo, and other information to increase brand awareness. The appearance of your extension box is just as important as the quality of the product. The hair extension industry is flooded with hundreds of different products, so choosing a custom-printed box is a great way to stand out from the rest. Your box should also contain features that keep your strands safe.

Using a custom-made hair extension box is also an environmentally-friendly choice. Since hair extensions are extremely delicate, they need to be well-protected during shipping. These boxes can be made of cardboard, Kraft paper, or corrugated cardboard, which are both biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, if you are selling hair extensions as a wholesaler, custom boxes are a great option.

Cost of custom printed hair extension boxes

Hair extension boxes are high-tech and highly customizable. They are a high-end fashion accessory that has become a hot commodity among consumers. They are recyclable and can also be custom-printed to meet a brand’s unique needs. Hair extension boxes are highly effective marketing tools, as they protect the hair extension product inside while giving it a distinctive, branded look. Here are some reasons why custom-printed boxes are a high-quality investment.


Custom-printed hair extension boxes are available at wholesale and budget-friendly rates. They do not have a minimum order requirement and don’t require any additional fees. Moreover, you can have them delivered anywhere in the world free of charge. Hence, you can easily order custom-printed hair extension boxes for your business. They are affordable, and you can easily order them for your business. You can choose from several types of printing methods, including UV, matte, and Semi-Gloss AQ.

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