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Kareo Reviews – What’s So Great About Kareo?

We’ve compiled some of the most comprehensive Kareo Reviews to help you decide if the cloud-based health management software is right for your practice. Learn more about Kareo’s telehealth platform, its cloud-based EHR, integrations with other healthcare applications, and more. Plus, we’ll give you an overall cost estimate and pricing structure. What’s so great about Kareo? Let’s find out!

Kareo’s telehealth platform

While Kareo’s telehealth platform has its drawbacks, these are much fewer than those of other platforms. One of its drawbacks is the fact that it does not prompt users for information about ancillary vaccines or medications that the patient receives in the office. However, the platform does allow users to add notes about the patient and his or her conditions. Other shortcomings include the need for a virtual waiting room. This is a necessary feature when the patient is undergoing a telehealth visit.

In addition to being HIPAA-compliant, Kareo’s telehealth solution also has consumer-based video conference tools that let providers interact with patients in a familiar way. The telehealth platform also supports groups of up to 100 participants. Additionally, the Kareo platform also helps providers reduce time-billed appointments and eliminates wasted time trying to resolve broken links. For these reasons, Kareo’s telehealth solution is a great choice for independent practices, and has been used by over 80% of them.

Its cloud-based EHR

If you’re a physician looking for a cloud-based EHR that integrates billing and practice management, read Kareo Reviews. Weigh the benefits of this EHR against the costs and the competition. Here’s why Kareo’s cloud-based EHR is a great choice. Its intuitive dashboard, customizable calendar, and integration with billing software make it easy to use for doctors and practice staff. There’s no hardware installation or downloads required, and it can be tailored to your own organizational preferences. Kareo is also compatible with third-party tools like Kareo Billing.

The Kareo cloud-based EHR was created specifically for independent medical practices, and offers key features aimed at building profitable practices. It’s also cloud-based, meaning that there’s no software to install and no software to maintain. Kareo also offers medical billing and marketing services to help practices grow. But these features aren’t enough to make Kareo a good choice for every physician.

Its integrations with other healthcare applications

Whether you’re looking for a new EHR or practice management system, you’ll find integrations with other health applications helpful. With the right software, your practice can keep track of patient information centrally and streamline scheduling and communication. Form the best EMR systems list many of these systems allow for mobile use, making it even easier to work with patients. If you’re looking for a new EHR, Kareo’s integrations with other healthcare applications can be an asset.

Kareo has an intuitive interface, similar to those found in social media platforms. This allows you to navigate easily, with fewer clicks and fewer window closes. You can also set up separate accounts for each medical practice location. This will allow you to focus on specific groups of patients or focus on a particular location. It’s not just a streamlined EHR, though. It can integrate with other applications, and has a customizable dashboard, which allows you to analyze and view data in an easy-to-read format.

Its cost

The cost of Kareo varies depending on the features you want to use. The basic plan costs $150 per month. Additional costs apply if you want to add more than one provider. In comparison, SimplePractice costs only $29 per month for a solo practitioner, plus an additional $15 per month for telehealth. eClinicalWorks costs $599 per provider per month but does not disclose its pricing details. Besides, Kareo targets independent practitioners, while AthenaHealth is popular with orthopedics practitioners. Again, SimplePractice is also used by marriage and family therapists.

Kareo is also very user-friendly. Users can navigate the platform without too much difficulty, and there are no complicated steps to follow. The system supports electronic lab orders. It has a responsive customer support team, which engages during onboarding. It offers good billing, appointment reminders, and notes for concurrent charting. However, Kareo’s cost may put some people off. For these reasons, you should carefully consider your needs before deciding which software will work best for your practice.


One of the critical advantages of a Kareo EMR is its adaptable dashboard, which can assist you with sorting out tolerant data and setting efficiency rules. Kareo additionally offers instruments for revealing and investigation. It additionally assists you with following patient information, overseeing patient charging, and sending secure messages to patients. This EMR has been planned with specialists, clinical experts, and managers at the top of the priority list. To look into the advantages of Kareo, look at our Kareo EMR survey.


The Kareo EMR Integrations API furnishes an extensive charging dashboard with instruments to catch charges toward the finish of experiences. The API additionally offers instruments to consequently create patient proclamations and circle back to installments, emailing updates, and postal mail. Kareo Patient Collect additionally allows you to coordinate patient information from outsider applications like bookkeeping frameworks. This permits you to stretch out the force of Kareo to an unheard-of level.

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