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How to Throw an Unforgettable College Dorm Party

One of the major traditions for college students is throwing the most memorable College Dorm Party. How better to mark your special day or just get some air out of the stress that college brings than to just let loose with your fellow students as well as everyone else who came with them. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve prepared for you the essential elements to throw an event that everyone will ever forget.


timeThe first thing you need to be doing is choose an appropriate time and date that doesn’t be disruptive to any other major event on campus. For instance, if there’s an enormous bar crawl taking place do not attempt to throw an event at the same evening. A party that is the go-to place after an event can be a good idea to launch your event, but try your best to avoid clashing with other events and parties on campus.

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Then, you can start to promote! There’s no event without people. Get your phone out and share the message via social media. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (if you’ve not deleted your application) are the most effective ways to connect with your students (because there’s no one who is using Facebook these days?). You can create hashtags that includes your room’s name or address and add your details to your personal story. If you’re not keen on an invitation-only post, invite people who are who are interested to DM you to take more control of who attends your big party.


Don’t invite guys or girls There should be at least a decent mix of both. So, you should invite as many girls you can since they will always bring their friends along and the same goes for guys. As many people as you can.

In terms of who will be there You’ll be able to enjoy some tag-a-longs and randos. It’s part of being a fantastic college dorm party host. You will hear about it on the gossip mill, people will invite their friends from the next college and that man you recall in French 101 will show up and devour all the food. Prepare yourself for everything to explode and in a good way.

It’s also a good idea to monitor your capacity to the max. In case you do not want your party to be closed before all the party starts, keep track of the number of people you could comfortably accommodate in your space and ask a companion to keep track of the number of party goers who walk through the door.


Make The world’s Greatest List of Playlists. That means all the top hits, some exciting new songs that only music lovers know about and some crowd-pleasing tracks that take you back to your middle school dances. Select a mix of tracks that are sure to get the crowd excited and others that allow everyone the chance to unwind and bop along in tune. Be sure to choose the best tracks for the most crowded time of the event, as you don’t want to waste your most popular tunes in the first day as people begin to trickle into.

Get Loaded Up with Snacks. After you’ve created the perfect playlist, it’s time to stock up on snacks. The guests love to satisfy their cravings for snacks by having a light fair. It’s impossible to get it wrong with chips, the dip or popcorn. You can also enjoy Guac, microwave-cooked boneless wings, or even sweets. Do you have a creative idea? You can create small finger meals like meatballs or spinach dip. For the older crowd who have a sweet tooth, try making a batch of gummy bears and soak them over night in peach schnapps, vodka or. Sweets and buzz? It sounds like a match made in heaven!


Since we’re talking about the topic that it wouldn’t be a party for college without the alcohol. It’s possible to make punch using the liquor that you like and then punch or just have shots and beers for the guests. Keep a few on hand to check how much alcohol is consumed and prevent guests who are underage from getting drunk. Make sure you have lots of plastic shot glasses and cups to ensure your guests aren’t with drinking out of the bottle, and then exchange germs. This isn’t fun. Be sure to have enough to ensure that everyone gets their desired high. The fun of a party is when someone is drunk to the point of blackout and then becomes sick or injures themselves or someone else The best events are those that are fun and where everyone gets loose and have a blast.

On the other hand be sure to avoid the drug scene. A large number of high or stoned people could quickly become depressed and ruin the mood of the night.

Hosting Duties

There’s no doubt that there’ll be some wallflowers at your event initially So, make sure to engage with anyone who comes-after all, they didn’t need to! Be grateful even if have a relationship with them or think of them highly and introduce them to others who will help them feel at ease.

Make jokes, accept requests for songs, make entertaining announcements, or challenge participants to games whatever you want to! It’s your chance to be a little silly and make everyone be a part of the fun. Once everyone is loose for in a little, everything will appear 10 times more fun.


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