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How can Interior Design Make You Feel Better?

Have you ever entered a space whether retail, office, or a friend’s house, and felt relaxed and calm instantly? This is how interior design impacts minds. Imagine you heard music that sounded bad to the ears, you can simply avoid it. However, the interior design of any place is sometimes unavoidable. No wonder people now hire expert interior designers in Dubai to help them design their spaces.

Remember that interior design is not only about decoration. It revolves more around the colors and finishes that add up to the feel of the space. Therefore, many people find that a well-thought interior design can improve mental health too.

Can Interior design really impact mental health?

While many aspects of interior design have been linked to better mental health, some aspects keep coming up again and time again. It has been thoroughly researched how sunlight, open space, plants and flowers, natural elements, color, and artwork affect people. Each of these design components can help to create a space that is beneficial to lowering stress, anxiety, and depression when handled properly.

When starting a new project or considering a remodel design it according to the people who are going to visit it the most.  How would someone feel in an emergency room if the walls were pink and purple? Yes, it might be a great fit for the school, but the hospital, just NO.

However, we get that the emotional effects of interior design are complex. Therefore, consider the following factors beofre you hand over a project to the interior contractor.

Factors in the interior design to impact the mood

As you get in talking to your interior designer, keep the following factors in mind and ask them to keep it according to your choices.

●    Use of Space

Think about a sink full of dirty dishes or a mound of unfolded clothing. Clutter makes us uneasy. Less is more powerful, especially when it comes to the psychology of interior design. There is always a counterbalance. Having too much empty space around you can make you feel lonely. Even with minimalist interior design, simplicity, avoiding loud patterns, and sticking to a small color palette are all examples of minimalism. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily imply nothingness.

The useful use of space is intertwined with it. To make a space feel more open, many designers choose open floor layouts.

●    Consider plants and flowers

Numerous varieties of houseplants act as natural air filters, lowering allergens and improving the quality of the air. They also improve the air’s oxygen content, maintain humidity, and have a fantastic appearance. It makes sense that they promote a calmer, more focused state of mind.

Additionally, flowers have mood-enhancing properties. In fact, having flowers around the house might boost happiness and lessen the likelihood of depression. Flowers not only offer aesthetic splendor, but they also help individuals rest and calm down. Flowers certainly bring beauty to any space, but they also lift people’s spirits.

●    Balance and Consistency

The most important factor in the design is the balance. A sense of belonging can be a great deal for mental health. If the balance is off, it can most certainly make you feel uncomfortable. It definitely doesn’t mean that everything has to match, but yes it has to be perfectly aligned together. Harmony in the design can bring a relaxed mood back even if you walked in angry. Our brains are wired in a way that they unconsciously notice all the minor details of the design in the room. If things are perfectly in balance, it helps a person stay calm when you are in the space.

Bottom line

More often than we realize, interior design affects our mood in places like homes, restaurants, and workplaces. Keep interior design psychology in mind as you begin a new project with your interior designer in Dubai. What feelings do you want visitors to their space to experience? Along with affecting your client, interior design may inadvertently change visitors’ impressions. By taking into account the subtle effects of color, space, and lighting, you may use the psychology of interior design to your favor and the advantage of your visitors.

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