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Hidden Gems in Seminyak: 5 Local Warungs to Check Out

The local warungs of Bali are second to none in real local flavours prepared by real local people. Many places tourists never go. Skip the posh restaurants serving burgers and pizza for an inflated price and try the real Indonesian lifestyle. It’s also super affordable with some meals costing just one to two euros. There are many warungs that offer a variety of different foods, from Javanese Gado Gado to Balinese  Babi Guling.

There are also many Seminiyak villas for you to stay in while on your eating tour. From ten bedroom luxury mansions for the whole family to a two bedroom villa surrounding a cosy private pool for you and your best friend to have a girls getaway. Stay in luxury and style, with top of the line kitchens, spa bathrooms and exquisite bedrooms. An experience you will never forget.

Warung Kolega

Just a few steps from Museum Trick Art 3D this local spot is a great place to bring the kids and have a snack. Under the direction of the talented chef, well known for his prawns, rawon and calamari. The staff are accommodating to all needs and really make this place wonderful. Prices are reasonable as well.

Warung Cahaya

The food here is made to meet western and Indonesian palates, but that does not change the authentic hand made sambal matah, one of the spiciest and most original sauces in Indonesia. Still made with the old family recipe it will delight and excite! Put it on your butter pork and be in Indonesian food heaven. Fast service, and friendly staff put this spot on the must visit list.

Nasi Tempong Indra

Nasi Tempong is not typical Balinese style food but still serves incredible food from Banyuwangi, East Java. This East Javanese gem is quite popular on the Island of the Gods. The hub is never empty but service moves quick. A must try is the Nasi Tempong with some fresh juice.

Made’s Warung

A warung is an Indonesian style food-stall, usually on the side of the road, where the local people drink their coffee, have a snack, and gossip about daily life in the village. Nowadays they are more like restaurants, some have lost their local feel entirely.  But not Made’s warung! It was a little roadside stall like that in the sixties run by the grandmother catering to the villagers in the sleepy fishing village of Kuta. However today it’s a bustling restaurant that serves local and western food to tourists and locals alike. Come taste the history in the traditional recipes!

Warung Leka Leka

Famous for their traditional fried rice, fried rice leka. This local eatery does not disappoint. Serving local favourites fresh fruit juice and foreign wood. The food is delicious, the prices are very reasonable and the service is great. They have so many choices for breakfast. It is recommended to try the oat bowl, fruit salad, omelette and any of their fruit juices.

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