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Five Things You May Not Know About the Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox baseball team has a rich and storied history. The Chicago Colts Group was found in 1908 and was part of the lineage of the New York Yankees. After the group’s failure to qualify for the 1917 World Championship, Ed Walsh was named as its most prominent manager. The Cubs, the last group, were founded in 1919. A third team, the White Sox, is the oldest major league baseball franchise in the United States.


Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

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Ed Walsh

Big Ed Walsh was an American pitcher and manager in Major League Baseball. He was a top pitcher from 1906 to 1912 but was limited to a short career by injuries. Nevertheless, Walsh is known for holding the record for the lowest career earned run average. Here are five things you may not know about Big Ed Walsh. We hope this article will educate you on the man behind the famous nickname. And don’t forget to check out his baseball book as well.


Despite his age, Walsh was considered one of the best pitchers in baseball. He was named AL’s Most Valuable Player in both 1911 and 1912. In those two seasons, Walsh scored 27 victories with almost 400 innings pitched. But by 1916, Walsh was in his late thirties. Sox GM George Stallings passed on him. Walsh was then sign by the Chicago White Sox for $750.


Ted Kluszewski

During his first season with the Pirates, Kluszewski hit two home runs against the Kansas City Athletics in a doubleheader at Comiskey Park. While the remainder of the time was spend playing in the minors, he show a blaze of his actual capacity during the 1959 World Series. On August 25, 1959, he was exchang to his old neighborhood group and feature in the World Series.


While Kluszewski was a talented bat, he was also an excellent defender. From 1951 to 1955, he led the National League’s first basemen in fielding percentage for five straight seasons. With his impressive stats, he set a new major league record. He play first base for the White Sox for one more season and was pick up by the Los Angeles Angels in the expansion draft.


Mark Buehrle

Mark Alan Buehrle is an American former professional baseball pitcher. He spent most of his Major League Baseball career with the Chicago White Sox, winning the World Series in 2005. Buehrle has also pitched for the Miami Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays. His career ended with a trade to the Houston Astros. He is now quit. You can learn more about him by reading about his baseball career.


He played 16 seasons for the Chicago White Sox, setting a career-high 35 starts in 2003. His 2004 season led the American League and the majors in innings pitched 245.0. He won 16 games, was second in the American League in walks per nine innings, and finished second in ERA with 3.89. In addition, he pitched at least six innings in each of his last 28 starts, missing only one season in the last eight.


Ozzie Guillen

Oswaldo José Guillén Barrios is a former professional baseball player. He played for the Chicago White Sox for 16 seasons in Major League Baseball. He receives multiple awards, including the American Rookie of the Year Award and the Gold Glove. Read on to learn more about his career. The first game he played for the Chicago White Sox was the 1912 World Series.


In his first season as a manager of the Chicago White Sox, Guillen made a great team even better. He convinced the general manager Kenny Williams to trade away some power hitters to acquire pitching, defense, and speed. The players responded to his approach by showing unexpected greatness. Guillen’s game management style drew criticism from some, especially those who criticized his focus on manufacturing runs and letting pitchers work through jams.



The White Sox establishment was establish in 1894 as the Sioux City Cornhuskers. The team moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1901 and changed its name to Saint Paul Saints. The franchise moved to Chicago in 1910 and became known as the Chi-Sox. In 1959, Bill Veeck, owner of the Cleveland Indians, purchased the team and moved it to his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1968, Veeck sold the team to Jim Nicholson, who then moved it back to Chicago. The White Sox won their first World Series championship in 2005. They also won championships in 1917 and 2005. The Chicago White Sox baseball team is a professional team based in Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox are a membican League (AL) in Mmember ajor League Baseball (MLB).

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