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Five Reasons to Choose NextGen EMR Software

There are many reasons to choose NextGen EMR software, but which one is best for your needs? Here are some of the top reasons: User-friendly interface, Scalability, Telehealth integration, and HIPAA compliance. This article outlines the most important factors to look for when selecting NextGen EMR. Read on to learn more about these features and other benefits. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able to make the best choice.

User-friendly interface

NextGen emr software is easy to use, with a graphical interface that makes it easy to navigate. The user-friendly interface includes a clickable tab to highlight each aspect of a patient’s health. It also has the ability to select individual issues, so that providers can make notes quickly and accurately. NextGen can also be customized to include images and documents, which can be uploaded to the patient’s record and analyzed later. NextGen’s comprehensive ICD-10 and CPT coding libraries are also easily accessible, and the software allows you to save frequently-used codes for future use.

Unlike some other EMR software, NextGen has an easy-to-use, customizable interface. The software offers a comprehensive coding library and allows for seamless integration with other EMRs. The software also supports safe lab-linking between EMRs. Moreover, NextGen offers integrations with various healthcare systems, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This helps users use the same software across departments.

Easy to use

In addition to its ease of use, NextGen also offers a number of features for physician convenience. It automatically fills in fields, such as the patient’s date of birth, insurance number, and other essential information, whenever the physician registers a new patient. The software even allows users to customize their notes by using free text, hotkeys, and voice dictation. NextGen has a number of useful features, and you can read more about each of them below.

Easy to Use – NextGen’s software is easy to use and offers excellent customer support. The software was created by two doctors with a common goal: to improve the efficiency of medical practices. This means that it was carefully designed to support the workflows of the physician and his or her staff, without hampering the quality of care. As a result, NextGen is affordable and adapts to the unique workflows of each physician and staff member.


One of the most important features of NextGen EMR software is its scalability. It can accommodate up to 150 million patients, as well as 100,000 caregivers. It is on track to hit a million virtual visits milestone by 2020. NextGen can also support remote patient care, diagnosis, and e-Prescription. Scalability is essential for medical practices and healthcare systems of all sizes. Here are five important considerations when choosing NextGen.

First and foremost, NextGen EMR software supports third-party software. It is compatible with partner products and allows for secure data sharing. In addition, NextGen software supports mobile patient communication and payment via apps for Android and iOS systems. The software also safeguards customer privacy. NextGen EMR also offers robust mobile functionality for patients, which is essential for their overall health. NextGen EMR software is highly customizable and offers a wide array of features.

Telehealth integration

Several providers have already benefited from telehealth integration. NextGen EMR software offers easy access to remote patient care through telehealth integration with the help of the company’s TempDev team. TempDev will consult with your organization to determine the best path for your organization. With NextGen, you will be able to integrate telehealth solutions with your EMR and other systems.

Another major benefit of telehealth integration is improved access to healthcare. While it may not be convenient for busy parents to take their children to the doctor’s office, the benefits of telehealth are numerous. For instance, parents can use the technology to facetime their children with a health issue. This can help them avoid potential risks that can come from taking children to a doctor’s office. It can also benefit rural areas that are far from a healthcare facility. Some people even choose not to see a doctor, as they are far away from the nearest clinic. Telehealth meets all of these needs and more.

Another advantage is the cost savings. By using NextGen EMR software, you can interact with clients via online video, telehealth or e-visit. It is safe for clients to visit you through the internet, and online access ensures their privacy. Additionally, NextGen EMR software will give you the power to control all client interactions and processes. From billing to booking, NextGen EMR can help you streamline your processes to improve your patient care. You can also keep track of pending account variables and identify defects in your coding process.

Final Words

There are many benefits medical professionals can avail by choosing Nextgen EMR software. It is simple to use and keeps your data secure and easily accessible from anywhere at anytime. In the United States, it is now a choice of many physicians and is indeed performing very well. Before purchasing, you can watch free demo of this software to get an idea that how the software actually works in real-time.


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