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Everything You Need to Know About Xtream Internet Speed Test

Xtream internet, powered by Mediacom ensures that its target customers are facilitated with a super-fast internet connection, which enables speedy streaming and fast gameplays within no time. However, if a subscriber is unsure about the download or upload speed of their connection, then there are several ways to get it checked.

Offering Diverse Speed Tiers

Ranked as one of the top-notch ISPs in the U. S, Xtream by Mediacom provides excellent service within more than 18 states of the U.S. What’s more, its cutting-edge coaxial cable framework successfully delivers dependable and unswerving speed tiers to its dedicated consumer base. While these may start from as low as 100 Mbps, they can soar as high as 1 GIG! To say that it is not highly recommended for regular digital activity would be an understatement.

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Additionally, digital users can bundle different services together that offer diversity in utility packaging, ensuring that the price tag is always pocket-friendly for the average digital consumer. With Xtream cable, the monthly plans aim to deliver assorted channel menus, personalized as per a customer’s preference to bring infinite entertainment options to the TV screen. The goal behind this article is to make sure that you know everything about Xtream internet speeds while simultaneously learning about the internet speed check.

Xtream Internet Speeds

Whether one wants to binge-watch favorite series or immerse completely in gameplays, residential and commercial customers will enjoy Xtream’s unparalleled internet speeds at competitive rates! The uber-fast internet facilitated by the telecom company’s ultra-modern tech helps users enjoy glitch-free connectivity without any hassle!

Best of all, Xtream offers a diverse range of speed tiers that go up as high as 1000 Mbps! Select a plan that’s sufficient for streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, ideal for lag-free gameplays on both consoles, laptops, and even PCs. Xtream internet plans are based on varying internet tiers, which are as follows:

  • The Internet 100 Plan is offered at a promo price of $29.99 per month and comes with a data allowance of 200 GB
  • The Internet 200 Plan is offered at a promo price of $39.99 per month and comes with a data allowance of 1000 GB
  • The Internet 400 Plan is offered at a promo price of $49.99 per month and comes with a data allowance of 2000 GB
  • The Internet 1000 is offered at a promo price of $59.99 per month and comes with a data allowance of 6000 GB

Run an Internet Speed Test

The main aim of utilizing the internet speed test is to determine optimal throughput on the network system between two connection points. One thing that subscribers, especially the new lot should keep in mind, is that such speed tests are not always accurate and hence cannot be considered a definitive extent of the current connection. Moreover, with internet speeds always fluctuating, there is no guarantee that the selected plan that the user signed up with will ensure consistent download or upload speeds.

However, this is not the only factor that one needs to be aware of. Minor factors such as distance between the device and the test service, age of the gadget, frequency of network outages, or software version installed on the smart device also count. Before performing the internet speed test, several factors need to be checked:

  • Always check that all internet-based devices are disconnected from the main internet connection. That’s because if any extra program or gadget is still using the internet, it may distort the final speed results
  • Users must connect to the cable internet directly via the Ethernet cable as using the Wi-Fi for checking the speed of Xtream would not give accuracy.
  • If the user is performing a speed test through Wi-Fi, they may not get an accurate outcome as desired.
  • A single internet speed test is merely enough. Perform several times to get a close enough approximation of the internet speed.
  • Most importantly, all internet speed tests designed today are more compatible with the internet users on newer PCs and laptops. Using older models may not be able to get the speed result as expected.
  • Users can also check the current internet speed with gaming systems like Xbox or PlayStation. Unfortunately, these systems come with set defaults that can limit such tests, which is why a PC or laptop is preferred more.

Try the Mediacom Internet Speed Test

While there are several kinds of internet speed tests, users are advised to use the official Xtream internet speed test for optimal accuracy. This is a basic method to check where your Mediacom internet stands! The speed test tends to give a near-estimate of the speeds to determine whether the speed tiers are symmetrical or not. Furthermore, if a subscriber feels that their internet speed is not enough, then get your speed checked and upgrade your current internet plan to one that offers better speeds.

With a speedier internet connection, new possibilities are open for subscribers in areas of streaming services, gameplays, and file downloads. Moreover, many streaming platforms now make sure that at least 4K streaming options are available to users whilst many roll out faster versions shortly after. If HD streaming is your intention, Xtream will not disappoint!

Wrapping Up

While Xtream is known for its reliability factor, there are times when its excellent coverage can waver. That’s when it’s best to get in touch with Mediacom Xtream customer service and let them handle technical issues for they are usually well-equipped to handle all service-related queries as well.

Nonetheless, there is no rocket science involved in running an internet test for it will identify whether one needs to get an upgrade on their current speed tier or get a new Xtream connection. Run the Xtream speed test to check if your devices are not receiving the required speeds as advertised.



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