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Dora Boots Popsicle: Dora the Explorer’ Popsicles Ideas

The Hype of Boots Popsicle get rise on reddit and no one’s can find the boots popsicle

In 2000, Dora the Explorer broke onto the cable scene and taught kids the joys of adventure and the value of bilingualism. Children became obsessed with Dora and devoured anything that had her little cherub face on it. Kids were beyond delighted when Popsicle came out with an adorable novelty pop bearing her face. However, one Redditor ruined their joy with one horrifying picture.

dora popsicles

boots popsicle

Seriously, Dora looks like she has **seen** some shit, man, and the Internet happily took part in ripping this attempt at smart marketing to shreds:



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