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Difference Between Easton Ghost X And DeMarini CF Zen

When you are deciding on a great baseball bat, there are two that come to mind. These are DeMarini’s CF Zen and Easton’s Ghost X. Both of these bats are among the best available on the market so the money that you spend will be worth it. In order to know which bat is best, we have listed a description and their designs.

The Easton Ghost X

When you want a bat that can provide a dominating feel, then the Ghost X from Easton will get the job done. Because of the high amount of quality, you get a bat that performs above and beyond normal standards.

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With a long history, Easton continues to create the highest quality baseball bat. Plus, the speed of the bats are able to provide great contact to hit the ball. Plus, regardless of you being a small or big player, the bat speed could actually save you.

The speed is what makes the Easton Ghost X the go-to bat. So all that is required for the baseball to go far, is a good amount of speed from the bat. When you have the Ghost X in your bat arsenal, you have some great speed to look forward to.

The Ghost X Design

The design of the Easton ghost baseball bat features a Dynamic Feel System, which all of the Easton bats include. The system is able to lessen sting and increase your comfort. This is accomplished through a composite makeup that is two pieces that get connected in the center. You will love this feature because this piece is what lessens the amount of sting once making contact or when a hit is bad.

The other section of the Easton Ghost X is its barrel. Besides the bat having fast speed, the Ghost X also provides an area in the barrel known as the sweet spot, which makes a hit much easier to be accomplished.

Not only that, but the Ghost X is certified by BBCOR which enables it to be used in all leagues. The certification exists so that nobody gets hurt by the bat’s weight. Besides the weight, you can expect the bat to be well-balanced and may feel as light as a feather. Due to the carbon material, the Ghost X contains a high amount of power and durability.
The DeMarini CF Zen 2018
As part of the CF series, the DeMarini CF Zen continues the tradition of being a great bat on the market. Similar to the Ghost X, the Zen is also a well-balanced bat made of composite material.

While the CF Zen has a few good advantages, the one that seems the best is the way the bat feels when a mishit is made. This feature is able to allow the bat to reach greater ratings among players.

The CF Zen Design

As we see with other bats made by DeMarini, this CF Zen includes composite material that brings together power and speed. These two capabilities are able to provide the great results you expect from the bat.

When you have the chance, try using the CF Zen. You will see that its performance is what you come to expect. After you use it, you may be surprised by the results. You will also love that the design is superior to many on the market. You will not feel much transfer of energy after making a hit. In fact, the transfer of energy from the barrel is quite smooth.

Because of the composite material, you get a bat that is balanced and light, while allowing it to provide a great amount of speed and pop.

The featured system that brings out the best in your Zen is known as the 3fusion. This allows the bat to transfer energy and provide weight control. This control of the weight is done through its balancing so that you have even more speed while swinging. Having great speed can also be attributed to the many hits you obtain.

As you might have seen from this article, both of these bats have their own set of pros and cons. The only way to decide between the two is by figuring out your requirements.

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