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Cancer Risks: Foods to Lower the Risk of Cancer

Your foods leave many effects on your body. Some chronic diseases can be prevented by eating some healthy foods. Some foods contain many essential nutrients to deal with cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Many foods contain beneficial compounds. They are crucial for the body as they decrease the risk of cancer growth.

A cancer specialist in Lahore says that higher consumption of specific foods is associated with a low risk of many chronic diseases. In this article, you will learn about some powerful foods to reduce the risk of cancer growth.


Carrots are a great source of many nutrients. They can help to lower the risk of stomach cancer. Smokers should also need to know that carrots can help to prevent the risk to the lungs. Carrots play an essential role here. A study supports the evidence of carrots’ effects associated with the cancer growth reduction rate. You can add carrots into your daily routine.


Bilberry extract is also proven to reduce cancer rates, according to one study. Some animal studies also show positive effects of the berries on the cancer cells reduction rate. You can add berries to your daily diet plan. Eating in a raw form is also good but you can get more benefits from its extract. Certain types of cancer can be reduced with the help of berries extract. They are available in the market and you can also freeze them. 


Cinnamon is a popular ingredient in the kitchen which provides many health benefits and reduces blood sugar levels. Such intake of cinnamon in foods can help to block the spread of cancer cells. You can also prevent cancer by adding cinnamon ½-1 teaspoon a day on a daily basis.

It contains anti-cancer properties and reduces the risk of the spread of cancer.

Cruciferous vegetables

There are some cruciferous veggies you need to eat to deal with cancer. You should know that they contain a plant compound, which is known as sulforaphane. Some other studies define the use of the cruciferous veggies’ properties as an anticancer. It inhibits histone deacetylase which is an enzyme that links cancer development. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet. 


All the nuts are very good when it comes to dealing with cancer. People who want to prevent cancer should eat nuts as snacks. You can keep the nuts with you as a snack. Walnuts contain the pedunculagin. It is a substance that the body metabolizes into urolithins.

They are compounds that are beneficial to binding the estrogen receptors. You can consume them to prevent breast cancer. You should also discuss with the doctor if you have any such disease. Your doctor can help you more to learn what is more effective to eat with the medications or how you can prevent it efficiently.


Some studies also support the legume’s positive effects on cancer prevention. They include lentils, peas, beans, etc. people who are at risk of developing cancer should eat the legumes. They will help in reducing the risk of cancer.

A study also confirms that eating legumes high in fiber content was effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Fatty fish

If you like seafood, there is good news for you. You can eat fatty fish to reduce the risk of cancer. They also helped to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 53 percent.

Fish oil supplements can also work. But you should discuss with the doctor to confirm if you know how to deal with the cancer growth or prevention with the help of fish oil supplements.

There are other options too, such as supplements. Some people do not like to take dietary or lifestyle changes but can add some healthy medications and supplements to their diet plan. Vitamin E, A, and C are the most important as they contain anti-cancer properties. You can buy them online. But make sure that you ask your doctor before taking anything.

You can get all of these supplements to get the essential nutrients that make your treatment more effective. Make sure that you choose healthy lifestyle choices and prevent the risk of cancer. It would help if you also stayed physically active. You may ask for a fnac test. You can check the fnac test price in Pakistan online. If you have not started physical activity yet, start with walking. Age also matters when it comes to choosing the exercise and yoga form. In this condition, you should ask your doctor what type of exercise you should perform. 

Final thought

Quit smoking as it can put you at high risk of lung cancer. Make sure that you prevent all the factors that can increase the risk of cancer. You should have a regular medical checkup to learn. Your body is affected by your diet in many ways. Eating these nutritious foods can help prevent some chronic diseases. A number of foods are rich in nutrients that can help prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

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