Best Short Code Practices You Must Try

In these modern times, where smartphones are as popular as they’ve ever been, SMS marketing is an essential way for many businesses to compete. Every big brand out there on the market has some sort of SMS presence designed to deliver deals and information directly to customers and potential customers. If you have a business and are trying to compete, then you probably want to set up some sort of SMS marketing campaign. One of the best types of SMS is called short code texting. This is a shortened, more popular version of a basic number, and this sort of campaign can have great results. Here are some short code practices you may want to implement to increase your success.

Choose the Ideal Platform

This sort of campaign isn’t as easy as creating some SMS code and hoping for the best. The best practice here to increase your odds of success is to find a platform that will assist you with your SMS campaign. What can the right platform provide for you? They can provide you with the actual short code, a suite of tools to use to create your campaign, and even features that allow you to use automated text features so that you can automatically send out messages to your customers and other contacts. Basically, everything you need in order to operate a successful campaign is centralized and easy to use on the right platform.

Offer the Opt-In

Offering an opt-in feature in short code marketing messaging is perhaps the best way to get long-term subscribers and repeat customers. Research shows that upwards of 90% of all online customers opt-in for email updates, coupons, surveys, etc., when the business is offering that option on their website. The same holds true with a short code message. A fantastic practice to implement here is to create opt-in messages for your contacts that allow them to sign up to receive all of this information. It turns your business into a legitimate brand, and customers show their brand loyalty more often when they have this option to exercise.

Offer Subscriber Benefits

Another practice that might work out in your best interest is to offer your subscribers specific benefits for opting in. Of course, this directly correlates with the above-mentioned practice. Once you get people to opt-in, you can keep them around by offering them specific benefits. Sure, offering a 20% discount is a great way to entice business, but offering a 30% discount for loyal subscribers is how you truly become a brand.

Go With a Vanity Code

There are plenty of benefits in going with short code text marketing, but it still has to be done correctly in order to experience them. One of the best practices you can implement to ensure that you have the optimal odds for success is to get a vanity code. With a vanity code, you can get a 5 to 6-digit personalized number that spells out your business’s name or another word of your choosing. This is ideal because it’s going to help your contacts actually remember your brand. It also really helps you to stand out as a professional. You come across as a brand that has put a lot of effort into the business, so customers are likely to trust you more.

Perform Constant Analysis

Another solid practice is to ensure that you’re performing constant analysis of your short code marketing performance. You can’t just set up a one-time campaign and allow it to operate indefinitely on autopilot. You have to check your conversion rates, click-through numbers, the percentage of people opting in, etc. You have to split-test your various campaigns and see how headline A stacked up against headline B and which version provided you with more traction. Your market analysis never stops, and the more of it you do, the more likely you are to be a successful brand.

In Conclusion

There are all sorts of different ways to get an SMS marketing campaign wrong and far fewer ways to get it right. If you really want to achieve success in short code text marketing, make sure you’re implementing the best practices.


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