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Anime Symbols Guide: 15 Things You Need to Know

It’s no secret that anime is popular. The story and the characters are not what makes Gen Z kids so obsessed with it. To represent an anime, anime symbols are used among the anime community.

The article will focus on the most popular kinds of them, but they can come in many shapes and sizes. Anime symbols aren’t the only ones! It is possible to apply them to your own life as well.

Feeling happy or excited doesn’t have to make you sad or stressed since these symbols communicate your emotions. It’s awesome to see anime symbols! In the anime community, there are a number of symbols that have deep meaning and significance.

Here are the 15 Most Iconic Anime Symbols

1. Brand of Sacrifice

Berserk Sacrifice Emblem Manga Anime Decal Sticker

An anime with a lot of carnage and suffering is called Berserk. Within the anime community, it enjoys a stellar reputation. The Brand of Sacrifice symbol is a particularly perilous mark that causes problems in both the bearer’s life and the lives of those close to them.

2. Hime’s Mask

Himes mask

A particularly well-known anime film with an excellent plot is Princess Mononoke. But the mask that the main character, Hime, wore caught the attention of the majority of viewers. Hime’s demeanour gained an additional depth of character from it, and it helped her stand out. This mask became a symbol as a result of the film’s success.


3. Pokéball

Freetoedit Pokemon Logo Anime Pokemans Pikachu Charmand - Pokémon Go PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG

Pokeball is maybe the most recognized anime symbol on the entire globe. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of the popular animated television series Pokemon, which revolves around the capture and training of mythical animals known as Pokemons.

4. Geass 

Pin on KCC Reference

Geass is a tremendously strong power that grants its user incredibly distinctive superpowers. The Geass insignia on the wielder’s body does not change, despite the fact that each user’s abilities may vary. The emblem resembles a bird in flight in various ways.

5. The Scout’s “Wings of Freedom”

Scouts Regiment Cloak, Wings of Freedom by TurtlesandMonkeys on DeviantArt

Everything about Attack on Titans is well-known, and it is regarded as the finest anime of the decade. Within the anime community, the “Wings of Freedom” insignia is a beloved representation of the Scouts Military Unit. The emblem has a profound meaning and symbolizes freedom.

6. Kamina’s Great Flaming Skull

9 Gurren Lagann ideas | gurren lagann, anime art, anime fan

On this list, it is one of the coolest anime emblems. The captain of Team Gurren Lagan, Kamina, served as the inspiration for the insignia. The artwork features a skull on fire wearing extremely distinctive spectacles that resemble Kamina’s. The emblem fits the strong and brave mood of the character.

7. Laughing Man

Laughing Man Logo - Ghost in the Shell & Anime Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus (Image 385004)

An anti-corporate rebellion is represented by the Laughing Man. The master hacker that controls the Laughing Man is capable of inflicting great cyber devastation on his adversaries. A happy face with a hat is the Laughing Man sign. “I thought what I’d do was, I’d pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes,” the writing that appears on the sign says.

8. Night Raid Symbol

Night Raid Logo From anime Akame ga kill | Seni anime, Seni

One of the Rebel Army’s most formidable troops is Night Raid. Its duties include assassinations and covert operations. An owl was chosen as the Night Raid’s emblem because, like an owl, which is silent and observant, Night Raid is also highly secretive and exact when it operates.

9. Dango

Papa Dango by Nardoum on DeviantArt

Dango is a lovely slice-of-life anime that focuses on a young person’s adolescent years and the difficulties they encounter before becoming adults. A song about Dangos called “Dango Daikazoku” can be found in the anime’s closing credits (a Japanese dumpling). Many Dangos with faces get together to sing the song. It somehow evolved into a crucial component of the anime and a representation of Clannad.

10. Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger

One piece challenge day 24 | One Piece Amino

Every pirate crew’s “Jolly Roger” has a skull and represents the distinctive characteristics of that particular crew. However, the Straw Hat Pirates’ Jolly Roger is the one well-known anime icon from One Piece, as they are the narrative’s main characters. On top of a human skull and crossed bones, it features a straw hat.

11. Goku’s Kai symbol

Dragonball Z King Kai's logo Dragon Ball Z Kai Dragon Ball #anime #2K #wallpaper #hdwallpaper #desktop | Anime dragon ball, Dragon ball, Dragon ball z

Since Dragon Ball has been around forever, several of the anime’s emblems have gained popularity. However, every anime fan is familiar with Goku’s Kai sign. It is a Japanese term that translates to “The World King Sama.” It represents the period when Goku trained with King Kai.

12. The Crescent Moon

Pin on salior moon

Famous anime Sailor Moon has a Disney Princess feel to it. The Crescent Moon is the only icon that has been shown frequently in the program. It has appeared several times, including as the protagonist’s forehead mark and on a few magical objects.

Pin on Soul eater

In the supernatural action-comedy Soul Eater, the main plot is battling evil and sending it back to the afterlife. Since the anime’s logo is included in the primary poster, people tend to link the two together. It complements the tone of the anime and yet has a charming and spooky appearance.

14. Fairy Tail Guild Mark

Your Fairy Tail Guild Mark Color | Fairy tail logo, Fairy tail emblem, Fairy tail guild

A prominent Adventure Guild is Fairy Tail. It is required of every guide member to tattoo the guild’s logo on their body. The emblem has the appearance of a bird with its claws spread. Every anime fan is familiar with this emblem because to the success of the show.

15. Future Gadget Lab Badge

Pin on Her Love with Anime

Rintaro founded Future Gadget Lab, and he created this badge just for the Lab’s members. The significance of the badge’s Symbol additionally rises as a result of the fact that all Lab members serve as the story’s protagonists. The name initials of the lab members’ last names, “OSHMKUFA 2010,” are inscribed on the badge.

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