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Aha Software Vs BigTime Software comparison 2022

One of the primary differences between Aha! and BigTime software is the complexity of the software. While both are similar in functionality, Aha! is more user-friendly and provides more features, while BigTime software is a bit more complex. The biggest drawback of both products is the difficulty of implementation, as both require a good deal of expertise to use properly. Listed below are some of the differences between the two.


A BigTime review reveals the benefits of this accounting software for professional service firms. BigTime is used by firms specializing in government contracting, accounting, architecture, engineering, IT services, law, and consulting. Its users include the 415 Group, C2 Company, JAS Architecture Group, and True Partners Consulting. Its CEO, Harry Haramis, uses BigTime to manage his firm’s growth and increase his productivity.

Another benefit of BigTime software is its automated tracking feature. This makes your job easier because the software tracks all money coming in and out of your business. You won’t have to manually track receipts or enter them into a database. This feature also saves you time, as you won’t need to spend your valuable time entering data into spreadsheets. This feature also helps you maintain the integrity of your accounts, as the system automatically calculates each expense as it occurs.

Moreover, BigTime also features project mapping. It helps you maintain a clear outline and timeline of each project. It also makes it easier to assign different roles to employees based on their skills. Moreover, users can also access their reports anytime, from anywhere. It also makes the work of employees easier since they don’t need to spend time figuring out the names of action items. BigTime also helps companies optimize their staff capabilities.

Creating custom ideas portals in Aha!

The process of creating a custom ideas portal in Aha software is simple. First, you set the visibility of your ideas. You can choose whether you want your ideas visible to all members of your organization or only to those who are invited to your idea’s portal. If you select the first option, all your ideas will be visible to everyone in your Roadmaps. Alternatively, you can choose to only display certain types of ideas in your idea’s portal.

You can choose which ideas to feature on the main page or within related idea category pages. You can also define a workflow for ideas, which describes their lifecycle. This workflow is customizable in Aha! Roadmaps, so you can choose what works best for you. Also, you can customize the look and feel of your ideas portal by adding a logo, custom colors, and custom formatting. Once you have set up your custom idea portal, you’re ready to customize it to reflect your brand and your company.

Creating custom fields in BigTime IQ

Creating custom fields in BigTime IQ is a powerful tool for tracking data that is not available in the system’s standard fields. For example, you can track a project’s “location” or the purchase order number of a particular client. You can create custom fields in your dashboard by going to the General…Custom Fields page and follow the steps in this article. These tips can help you configure custom fields in BigTime to meet your needs.

Once you’ve completed your first task, you can proceed to the next step: creating custom fields. Using the API, you can add, delete, or update custom fields. Custom fields are available on the Task Dashboard and in Workflow. To add new custom fields, click the ADD/EDIT CUSTOM FIELDS button at the bottom of the screen. Next, select a custom field from the list.

Using custom fields to edit ideas in bulk

Using custom fields in BigTime to edit ideas in bulk is a great way to streamline your project management workflow. Instead of having to manually enter the ideas into the database, you can simply enter them into your project using the Add/Edit Custom Fields button located at the bottom of the project window. Once you have added a custom field, you can save the changes by clicking the Save Fields or Save Changes buttons. You can add as many custom fields as you need to.

To create custom fields, simply click on the project and type in a name for the field. The data type of the field is linked to the object type. It can be either text or a lookup list. You can also use a default field that will be filled automatically when you create a new project. You can also create custom fields for your reports. Custom fields are especially helpful for large projects where you may want to edit several ideas at once.


If you’re looking to start tracking your projects, you’re probably wondering how to determine which project tracking software is right for you. You may be wondering how to decide between Aha and Bigtime. Both offer the same functionality, but they have slightly different pricing. The price difference between the two programs may be more than you’d expect. You can compare them by checking out their case studies, whitepapers, and customer satisfaction reports.


Both companies have their pros and cons. BigTime offers a robust project management platform, and Aha provides an all-inclusive package to help product development companies organize their ideas, plan their strategies, and execute their plans. But both companies offer similar features, which may be a little more complex for the average user. Pricing of bigtime software vs aha software

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