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Address Verification- Making Things Easier for Businesses

Retailers and organizations want to increase their sales by attracting real customers in this era of interconnected commerce. Address verification service enables company owners to begin collaboration with risk-free partnerships and avoid any type of difficulty in the long term in the age of getting services online.


Companies, banks, and financial firms can quickly determine a person’s geographic location to confirm that the individual or entity doesn’t really reside in a forbidden area and that they’re who they say to be by integrating AI checks as well as human verification.

How Do Companies Verify Address? 

It is as easy as one can possibly think. There are only three steps to validate the address:


  • As proof of residency, the user must upload the documents which include a driving license, bank statement, photo-based identity card, taxation documents, insurance agreement, etc.
  • The OCR model allows the verification system to retrieve the residential details from the provided document and compare it with the location on the person’s ID in a few seconds.
  • Outcomes of the verification of address are stored in the back office after the confirmation.

Under Which Conditions Does Digital Address Authentication Take Time?

Verifying an address s just takes a little time, but it can take longer if the credentials aren’t provided correctly or if the information provided originally contrasts more sharply with what is written on the documentation. For instance, even though the person did not click the middle name checkbox while entering the name, the whole name appears on the page. No room exists for error of this sort.

There are numerous other things that can be guaranteed, such as the fact that the evidence of residency must be completely displayed; photographs that are cropped or have their corners folded will not be accepted. A correct format should use for the residence address.

Importance of AVS in Businesses

Numerous industries may operate smoothly and manage large customer bases with the help of online address verification tools. Among them are:


Although it is difficult to believe, such omissions continue to happen even now in developing nations. When retailers move to the online world, the cost of additional equipment reduce, but shipments, time, and efforts waste whenever the customer’s geographic location becomes incorrect due to poor communication. By offering real images and video-based evidence validating the customer’s primary residence, an address verification system helps businesses save time and human labor.


The banking industry must implement address verification systems due to KYC regulatory standards. In history, there have been so many reports of scams in which a person registers an account using a fake ID, waits a while, then asks for a lump sum credit, and disappears once it is approved as per Shufti Pro News.


The digital onboarding procedure is extremely quick due to the AI-efficient model in the address authentication process that checks the user’s identity and presents the residential location with high precision. Many companies are accepting global funds like Shufti Pro Funding for this purpose.

Credit /Debit Card Payments

In order to prevent the possibility of unpaid invoices by various businesses. Fraudsters have included outdated or erroneous residential addresses on a newly issued debit or credit cards. When a quick residential adjustment has perform, the address authentication solution providers have always had access to a plethora of databases by which the present address could be verified. 

The Address Verification Service Alone Does Not Ensure Anything

There is a small chance that AVS won’t always produce 100% precise findings. However, this can not see as a flaw or a restriction. Because no technique can guarantee precision to the highest degree.


It’s not a good idea to use AVS exclusively. Thus it prefers to combine the address verification service with a few other verification methods. Including facial analysis as well as document verification. An additional thing to bear in mind is that in order for a business to engage in commerce. Its payment gateway wants to be ready to control and acknowledge the capabilities of systems for global address verification.

Final Thoughts

Address verification makes it easier for businesses across a variety of industries to operate. Prevents them from wasting time and resources on inefficient customer coordination, and confirms one’s location to perform risk-free operations. It also saves users and clients time. It affects a wide range of things, including global trade, finance, and electronic payments. The automated method is a quick and easy way for verifying addresses. It works well, but only when used in conjunction with other crucial verification techniques. It must use to operate risk-free operations and ease the new clients because there is no alternative for it.

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