A Guide to Samsung Washing Machine Air Wash System

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The Samsung brand is known for its innovations and high-tech features. Be it washing machines, fridges or any Samsung home appliances, you can be assured of the presence of innovative and technological features. The Samsung washing machines are truly a class apart when compared to its competitors in the Indian market. Although it is equipped with smart new-age features, the price of washing machines by Samsung is very affordable and worth the money you pay for.

One of the most exclusive features of the Samsung washing machine is the Air wash system. Consumers are crazy about this feature. If you want to know more about it, here is a comprehensive guide to the air wash system in Samsung washing machines. Read to know more!

The Technology of the Samsung Air Wash System

Samsung washing machines are now equipped with innovative technological features like the air wash system. Even with such an amazing facility, you can find the price of the washing machine to be much lower.   

This technology uses hot air to wash clothes instead of using detergent & water. With this hot air, Samsung washing machines remove harmful bacteria, microscopic allergens, abnormal odours, & microbes from clothes. And, the hot air is generated by heat coils & transmitted by a fan attached to the body of the machine. Latest technologies like this are what has made Samsung one of the top brands in the market. Now a days a one can easily purchase a samsung washing machines on EMI from various online stores. 

Caution of Samsung Air Wash System

Nowadays Samsung washing machines equipped with Air Wash System are dominant in the market, but still, you need to follow the limits while washing clothes. When you start washing clothes, you should ensure that there should be no water or liquid present in the machine. If you are planning to get a washing machine with an air wash system, the price of washing machine starts from a very budget-friendly range.

If the washing machines are equipped with Air Wash System, you should ignore delicates like; laced garments, starchy clothes, electric blankets, woollen pillows, bulky bedding, blanket, doll cushions, & all fabrics which have trimmed buttons. 

Process of using Samsung Air Wash System

The high price of washing machines means it is easier to use. The technology is racing forward at a high pitch which makes the Samsung Air Wash System very easy to use. As you go to put on clothes, check the drum, it should be empty & dry. Then, put clothes in the machine & turn it on by pressing the power switch. 

The option of an Air Wash System is available on the panel of Samsung washing machines. After starting it, there are two options Deodorizer & Sanitization. The whole process would be completed within an hour of time duration. 

Modes of Samsung Air Wash System

Samsung washing machine with Air Wash System offers two modes of the washing cycle. Both the cycles used in these machines are highly innovative, these cycles are; Deodorization & Sanitization. Well, the Sanitization process can wash your clothes in 29 minutes. In this option, the Air wash system uses different chemicals to clean your clothes. 

You can also add extra chemicals as per the recommendations. Whereas, Deodorization is a 29-minute-long process that use an extra fragrance sheet to remove particles like; bacteria, allergens, & odours. Both washing options are ideal for your daily use. Also, there is Delay End Time which starts from 3 hours and goes up to 19 hours.

Pros & Cons of Samsung Air Wash System

Samsung washing machines integrated with Air Wash System have various pros & cons. Beginning with pros, this machine does not require water & detergent to clean clothes. It is extremely useful in areas where water is more precious than other requirements. Also, with this technology, you can remove odours as well as can dry and wash clothes even at home.

And, the cons of Air Wash System are its performance & costs. This machine is extremely costly and behind in performance in comparison with machines integrated with a water-washing facility. Moreover, in this mode of washing, the machine is not as good at removing huge dirt from clothes.

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